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Continuous Integration
By Dan Pilone
February 2011
Video:  $24.99
Managing the Testing Process, 3rd Edition
By Rex Black
February 2011
Ebook:  $45.00
Software Testing using Visual Studio 2010
By Satheesh Kumar N., Subashni S.
December 2010
Ebook:  $26.99
Selenium 1.0 Testing Tools Beginner's Guide
By David Burns
November 2010
Ebook:  $23.99
JavaScript Testing
By Liang Yuxian Eugene
August 2010
Ebook:  $26.99
Test-Driven Database Development
By David Wheeler
August 2010
Video:  $99.99
Practical Model-Based Testing
By Mark Utting, Bruno Legeard
July 2010
Ebook:  $78.95
Debug It!
By Paul Butcher
November 2009
Print:  $34.95
By J. Steven Perry
October 2009
Ebook:  $4.99
Beautiful Testing
By Tim Riley, Adam Goucher
October 2009
Ebook:  $39.99
Print & Ebook:  $54.99
Print:  $49.99
Professional Penetration Testing
By Thomas Wilhelm
August 2009
Ebook:  $79.95
Why Programs Fail, 2nd Edition
By Andreas Zeller
June 2009
Ebook:  $63.95
The Art of Application Performance Testing
By Ian Molyneaux
January 2009
Ebook:  $27.99
Print & Ebook:  $38.49
Print:  $34.99
Software Testing with Visual Studio Team System 2008
By N Satheesh Kumar, Subashni S
December 2008
Ebook:  $29.99
Advanced Software Testing - Vol. 1
By Rex Black
October 2008
Ebook:  $39.99
Print & Ebook:  $54.95
Print:  $49.95
The Art of Debugging with GDB and DDD
By Norman Matloff, Peter Jay Salzman
September 2008
Ebook:  $31.95
Print & Ebook:  $43.95
Print:  $39.95
Handbook of Usability Testing, 2nd Edition
By Jeffrey Rubin, Dana Chisnell
August 2008
Ebook:  $60.00
Apache JMeter
By Emily H. Halili
June 2008
Ebook:  $23.99
Swing Extreme Testing
By Lindsay Peters, Tim Lavers
June 2008
Ebook:  $23.99
Lessons Learned in Software Testing
By Cem Kaner, James Bach, Bret Pettichord
April 2008
Ebook:  $39.99
Software Testing Practice: Test Management
By Andreas Spillner, Tilo Linz, Thomas Rossner, Mario Winter
August 2007
Ebook:  $35.99
An Introduction to Testing Web Applications with twill and Selenium
By C. Titus Brown, Gheorghe Gheorghiu, Jason Huggins
June 2007
Ebook:  $9.99
Managing the Test People
By Judy McKay
April 2007
Ebook:  $31.99
Print & Ebook:  $43.95
Print:  $39.95
Test Driven Ajax (on Rails)
By Phlip
April 2007
Ebook:  $9.99
Effective Methods for Software Testing, 3rd Edition
By William E. Perry
July 2006
Ebook:  $80.00
Effective Software Test Automation
By Kanglin Li, Mengqi Wu
February 2006
Ebook:  $44.99
Effective GUI Testing Automation
By Kanglin Li, Mengqi Wu
February 2006
Ebook:  $44.99
Why Programs Fail
By Andreas Zeller
October 2005
Ebook:  $72.95
Perl Testing: A Developer's Notebook
By Ian Langworth, Chromatic
July 2005
Ebook:  $23.99
Print & Ebook:  $32.95
Print:  $29.95
Comprehensive Functional Verification
By Bruce Wile, John Goss, Wolfgang Roesner
May 2005
Ebook:  $85.95
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