How to Send Ebooks to Dropbox

Dropbox is a cloud storage service that allows you to store files and access them from anywhere. Dropbox gives you a few ways to access files stored in your Dropbox: via a web interface (, through a folder on your computer, and through a Dropbox app on a mobile device. For more info on Dropbox, check out You can send ebooks you purchase from to your Dropbox account, automatically, individually, or in bulk.

1. To link Dropbox to your account, go to the O'Reilly Dropbox & Kindle Settings page, and click the button that says "Authorize with your Dropbox account".

Dropbox settings

2. You will be taken to a Dropbox page to log in or create an account. Once you're signed in, you can authorize O'Reilly to access an O'Reilly Media folder in the Apps folder of your Dropbox account.

O'Reilly Media would like to create a folder in your Dropbox. Cancel or Allow.

3. In your Dropbox Settings you can select formats that you'd like to be sent to your Dropbox automatically when you purchase ebooks from or when you send ebooks to Dropbox from Your Products. You don't have to check any of the boxes to use this service manually. If no boxes are checked, you can still choose to send individual ebooks to your Dropbox account via Your Products.

Select formats to be added to your Dropbox automatically when you purchase and ebook from

4. To send a specific ebook in whatever formats you have checked in your settings, expand the product on Your Products, click Send Ebook, and click Send to Dropbox from the dropdown that appears.

Send Ebook > Send to Dropbox

5. To send a different format than the ones you have selected, click the format button and then choose Send to Dropbox from the dropdown.

PDF > Send to Dropbox

6. To send all ebooks in your account, use the Send All Ebooks to Dropbox option. This will send all ebooks in the formats you've selected in your settings.

Send all ebooks to: Dropbox

7. When you use any of the Dropbox buttons, you'll see messages when your request has been submitted and is processing. If there's an error, you'll see that too. Ebooks take varying amounts of time to be added to your account, and if you send all ebooks, they may show up in batches.

Send to Kindle from your library


If Send to Dropbox options aren't showing up on Your Products page, check your O'Reilly Dropbox & Kindle Settings page and make sure you've authorized your account with Dropbox.

If buttons are showing up, but ebooks aren't being sent to your Dropbox, make sure that the ebooks you want to send are available in the formats you've selected. You can also try sending a specific format individually.

There's a filesize limit of 150MB, so very large products (like ebook collections) won't have the Dropbox sending option.

For additional assistance, please contact O'Reilly Customer Service at or +1.707.827.7000 / 800.998.9938.

For questions or assistance with your Dropbox account, you can find their support information at