Frequently Asked Questions

How do I download my ebook(s)?

After completing an order containing ebooks, they will be immediately deposited into your online account. Within Your Account there is a tab called Your Products where your ebooks will be stored. Underneath the title you'll see download buttons for the different formats of the ebook. Click the appropriate download link for the device you wish to view the ebook on.

I am an instructor. How do I receive a complementary review or desk copy of a book you distribute?

Please visit our Academic Solutions page for more details.

How do I place an order for my bookstore?

If you are a bookstore or another type of reseller, please contact our O'Reilly Retail Team. Our Retail Team will be able to place your order, answer questions about past orders, or assist with a return. They can be reached at 800-374-4675.

Can I combine discount codes?

No, unfortunately you cannot combine discount codes at this time. You can try submitting discount codes on the cart page to choose the discount that gives you the greatest savings.

Where can I find the examples, source code, or practice files that are mentioned in my book?

For any book that comes with downloadable content we make available on our web site. The files can be found by visiting the catalog page for the book on our site. You can find the link to download files in the Essential Links section of the page. Simply click the link to see all of the available content. Find more details here.

I've placed only one order. Why have I been charged multiple times?

Our policy is to only charge our customers once products have been made available. If you had items that were out of stock at the time you place your order, you would not be charged for those items until they became available to ship out. If you had print and ebooks on your order, due to ebooks being available immediately for download, we would charge your card that day. When your print books from the same order ship out, you would then be charged for those items at that time.