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How to Save Ebooks to Google Drive

  1. To save ebooks to Google Drive from your account, you don't need to do any setup, just go to Your Products page.

    Expand the product you'd like to send, hit Send Ebook, and then Send to Google Drive.

    Send Ebook > Send to Google Drive.
  2. In the overlay that appears, hit the Save button next to the format you want to send.Save PDF, epub, etc.
  3. In the popup window, sign in to your Google account and Click Save. If you want to save to a specific folder, hit Change and select your desired folder before you save.Save or change folder
  4. After you save, you'll see a progress bar below the save button on your O'Reilly account.Google Drive progress
  5. Once the ebook has been sent, you'll see a success message telling you where the file was saved to. You can click on the filename or the folder name to view in your Drive. If there's an error, please try closing the Google Drive overlay and trying again at step 1.Google Drive success


If an upload fails after loading partway, try closing the Google Drive overlay and starting again.

Saving to Google Drive requires that you allow third-party cookies. If you have your browser set to block third-party cookies, you'll need to add an exclusion for if you want to use this feature.

For additional assistance, please contact O'Reilly Customer Service:

Phone 707.827.7019 or 800.889.8969

Monday – Friday, 7:30AM to 5:00PM Pacific Time