How to Send Ebooks to Your Kindle

1. Go to Manage Your Devices and sign in with your Amazon account.

2. Add to your Approved Personal Document E-mail List under your Personal Document Settings on the Manage Your Content and Devices page of your account.

New approved email

3. Find your Amazon Kindle email address on your Amazon Manage Your Devices page or in the Settings of your Kindle device or app. It will look something like

Your Kindle email address

4. Go to your O'Reilly Dropbox & Kindle Settings page and enter only the name part of your Kindle email in the Kindle Settings section and save.

Enter your Kindle email name

5. If you want new Mobi ebooks to be sent automatically, check the Send New Ebooks checkbox.

Choose whether you want new ebooks sent automatically

6. By default, we will send to email addresses only, and your ebooks will only be sent over wifi. If you want to use Kindle's Personal Document Service for delivery on wi-fi and off, you can select this option on your account settings. Service fees apply (More information about Kindle Document Service fees).

Choose how you want to send

7. Once you've completed these steps, you'll also be able to send individual mobi-formatted ebooks to your Kindle from Your Products page using the Send to Kindle links.

Send to Kindle from your library


You'll notice that the email address we display is, even though it's in your Amazon account. The free email address will work, it just triggers this to be sent over wi-fi only.

If Send to Kindle or Send Ebook buttons aren't showing up on Your Products page, check your O'Reilly Dropbox & Kindle Settings page and make sure you've entered your Kindle email name and saved. Also, make sure that the ebooks you have are available in Mobi format.

If buttons are showing up, but ebooks aren't being sent to your Kindle, first check that you've added to your approved emails in your Amazon account, then check that your Kindle email address is the same on Amazon and O'Reilly's site.

There's a filesize limit of 50MB, so some large products (like ebook collections) won't have the Kindle sending option.

For additional assistance, please contact O'Reilly Customer Service at or +1.707.827.7000 / 800.998.9938.