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Head First Physics
By Heather Lang
September 2008
Ebook:  $27.99
Print & Ebook:  $38.49
Print:  $34.99
The Incredible Plate Tectonics Comic
By Kanani K.M. Lee, Adam Wallenta
September 2014
Ebook:  $6.95
Print & Ebook:  $8.75
Print:  $7.95
Building Embedded Linux Systems, 2nd Edition
By Karim Yaghmour, Jon Masters, Gilad Ben-Yossef, Philippe Gerum
August 2008
Ebook:  $39.99
Print & Ebook:  $54.99
Print:  $49.99
Digital Design and Computer Architecture, 2nd Edition
By David Harris, Sarah Harris
August 2012
Ebook:  $89.95
The Manga Guide to Physics
By Hideo Nitta, Keita Takatsu, Trend-Pro Co., Ltd.
May 2009
Ebook:  $15.95
Print & Ebook:  $21.95
Print:  $19.95
Electrical Engineering 101, 3rd Edition
By Darren Ashby
October 2011
Ebook:  $34.95
Applied Control Theory for Embedded Systems
By Tim Wescott
March 2011
Ebook:  $81.95
Op Amps for Everyone, 4th Edition
By Bruce Carter
December 2012
Ebook:  $69.95
Foundations of Analog and Digital Electronic Circuits
By Anant Agarwal, Jeffrey Lang
July 2005
Ebook:  $99.95
TI-89 Graphing Calculator For Dummies
By C. C. Edwards
August 2005
Ebook:  $21.99
NumPy 1.5
By Ivan Idris
November 2011
Ebook:  $26.99
The Physics of Amorphous Solids
By Richard Zallen
July 2008
Ebook:  $146.00
Wildlife Forensics
By Jane E Huffman, John R Wallace
February 2012
Ebook:  $110.00
ADME-Enabling Technologies in Drug Design and Development
By Sekhar Surapaneni, Donglu Zhang
April 2012
Ebook:  $186.00
TI-83 Plus Graphing Calculator For Dummies
By C. C. Edwards
February 2004
Ebook:  $18.99
Designing Embedded Systems with PIC Microcontrollers, 2nd Edition
By Tim Wilmshurst
November 2009
Ebook:  $49.95
ZigBee Wireless Networks and Transceivers
By Shahin Farahani
April 2011
Ebook:  $81.95
Building a Solid World
By Mike Loukides, Jon Bruner
February 2014
Ebook:  $0.00
Understand Electronic Filters
By Owen Bishop
October 1996
Ebook:  $59.95
When Hardware Meets Software
By Mike Barlow
November 2014
Ebook:  $0.00
Print & Ebook:  $0.00
Print:  $0.00
Designing and Developing for Google Glass
By Allen Firstenberg, Jason Salas
December 2014
Ebook:  $42.99
Print & Ebook:  $54.99
Print:  $49.99
Virtual Machines
By Jim Smith, Ravi Nair
July 2005
Ebook:  $84.95
FPGAs: World Class Designs
By Clive "Max" Maxfield
February 2009
Ebook:  $55.95
Absorption and Scattering of Light by Small Particles
By Craig F. Bohren, Donald R. Huffman
September 2008
Ebook:  $163.00
Hickman's Analog and RF Circuits
By Ian Hickman
January 1998
Ebook:  $88.95
Advances in Chemical Physics, Kinetics and Thermodynamics of Multistep Nucleation and Self-Assembly in Nanoscale Materials
By Gregoire Nicolis, Dominique Maes
April 2012
Ebook:  $205.00
So You Wanna Be an Embedded Engineer
By Lewin Edwards
August 2006
Ebook:  $54.95
Anion Coordination Chemistry
By Antonio Bianchi, Enrique García-Espana, Kristin Bowman-James
March 2012
Ebook:  $222.00
Wind Power in Power Systems, 2nd Edition
By Thomas Ackermann
April 2012
Ebook:  $170.00
Audel Electrical Trades Pocket Manual
By L. W. Brittian
April 2012
Ebook:  $19.95
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