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Digital Logic Design, 4th Edition
By Brian Holdsworth, Clive Woods
November 2002
Ebook:  $52.95
Technical Math For Dummies
By Barry Schoenborn, Bradley Simkins
June 2010
Ebook:  $19.99
Living Green: The Missing Manual
By Nancy Conner
August 2009
Ebook:  $15.99
Print & Ebook:  $21.99
Print:  $19.99
Processor Description Languages
By Nikil Dutt, Prabhat Mishra
July 2011
Ebook:  $92.95
Embedded Systems Design with Platform FPGAs
By Ronald Sass, Andrew G. Schmidt
September 2010
Ebook:  $59.95
Practical Digital Signal Processing
By Edmund Lai
October 2003
Ebook:  $68.95
Embedded Systems: World Class Designs
By Jack Ganssle
November 2007
Ebook:  $49.95
A Baker's Dozen
By Bonnie Baker
June 2005
Ebook:  $84.95
Software Design for Engineers and Scientists
By John Allen Robinson
August 2004
Ebook:  $69.95
FPGAs: Instant Access
By Clive "Max" Maxfield
April 2011
Ebook:  $47.95
The Art of Multiprocessor Programming
By Maurice Herlihy, Nir Shavit
August 2011
Ebook:  $78.95
Op Amp Applications Handbook
By Walt Jung
December 2004
Ebook:  $90.95
FPGAs: World Class Designs
By Clive "Max" Maxfield
February 2009
Ebook:  $55.95
By Muhammad H. Rashid
January 2011
Ebook:  $189.95
Practical Embedded Security
By Timothy Stapko
April 2011
Ebook:  $72.95
Digital Systems Design with FPGAs and CPLDs
By Ian Grout
April 2011
Ebook:  $93.95
Illustrating Evolutionary Computation with Mathematica
By Christian Jacob
February 2001
Ebook:  $113.00
Hall-Effect Sensors, 2nd Edition
By Edward Ramsden
April 2011
Ebook:  $66.95
Interfacing PIC Microcontrollers
By Martin P. Bates
April 2011
Ebook:  $54.95
Nanotechnology Safety
By Ramazan Asmatulu
June 2013
Ebook:  $199.95
On-Chip Communication Architectures
By Sudeep Pasricha, Nikil Dutt
July 2010
Ebook:  $81.95
Switching Power Supplies A - Z, 2nd Edition
By Sanjaya Maniktala
May 2012
Ebook:  $69.95
Troubleshooting Switching Power Converters
By Sanjaya Maniktala
April 2011
Ebook:  $85.95
Radar Systems, Peak Detection and Tracking
By Michael Kolawole
January 2003
Ebook:  $88.95
Electronic Access Control
By Thomas L. Norman
September 2011
Ebook:  $64.95
Intel Xeon Phi Coprocessor High Performance Programming
By James Jeffers, James Reinders
February 2013
Ebook:  $59.95
Electricity Marginal Cost Pricing
By Monica Greer
March 2012
Ebook:  $99.95
Handbook of RF and Wireless Technologies
By Farid Dowla
November 2003
Ebook:  $145.00
Digital Signal Processing and Applications, 2nd Edition
By Dag Stranneby, William Walker
September 2004
Ebook:  $67.95
Op Amps: Design, Application, and Troubleshooting, 2nd Edition
By David Terrell
March 1996
Ebook:  $111.95
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