Security & Cryptography

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Security for Microsoft Windows System Administrators
By Derrick Rountree
November 2011
Ebook:  $49.95
Advanced Penetration Testing for Highly-Secured Environments: The Ultimate Security Guide
By Lee Allen
May 2012
Ebook:  $35.99
Industrial Network Security
By Eric D. Knapp, Joel Langill
September 2011
Ebook:  $49.95
Carry On
By Bruce Schneier
November 2013
Ebook:  $29.99
By Adrian Farrel, Igor Bryskin
December 2005
Ebook:  $71.95
Take Control of CrashPlan Backups
By Joe Kissell
January 2014
Ebook:  $10.00
Social Engineering and Nonverbal Behavior Set
By Christopher Hadnagy
March 2014
Ebook:  $55.00
Cloud Storage Forensics
By Darren Quick, Ben Martini, Raymond Choo
November 2013
Ebook:  $69.95
Bruce Schneier on Trust Set
By Bruce Schneier
March 2014
Ebook:  $40.00
Digital Forensics with Open Source Tools
By Cory Altheide, Harlan Carvey
March 2011
Ebook:  $59.95
Least Privilege Security for Windows 7, Vista and XP
By Russell Smith
July 2010
Ebook:  $35.99
Dissecting the Hack: The F0rb1dd3n Network, Revised Edition
By Jayson E Street, Kent Nabors, Brian Baskin, Marcus J. Carey
August 2010
Ebook:  $29.95
Netcat Power Tools
By Jan Kanclirz Jr.
June 2008
Ebook:  $59.95
VMware vSphere Security Cookbook
By Mike Greer
November 2014
Ebook:  $35.99
Secrets and Lies
By Bruce Schneier
March 2011
Ebook:  $17.95
Take Control of 1Password
By Joe Kissell
May 2014
Ebook:  $10.00
Security Risk Management
By Evan Wheeler
April 2011
Ebook:  $49.95
The Basics of Digital Forensics
By John Sammons
April 2012
Ebook:  $29.95
Hacking Point of Sale
By Slava Gomzin
February 2014
Ebook:  $60.00
Introduction to Cyber-Warfare
By Paulo Shakarian, Jana Shakarian, Andrew Ruef
May 2013
Ebook:  $49.95
Cyber Crime and Cyber Terrorism Investigator's Handbook
By Andrew Staniforth, Francesca M Bosco, Babak Akhgar
July 2014
Ebook:  $49.95
The Web Application Hacker's Handbook
By Dafydd Stuttard, Marcus Pinto
January 2008
Ebook:  $50.00
Advanced Persistent Threat
By Eric Cole Dr.
December 2012
Ebook:  $49.95
Risk Management Framework
By James Broad
July 2013
Ebook:  $59.95
Snort Intrusion Detection 2.0
By Syngress
May 2003
Ebook:  $53.95
Security Log Management
By Jacob Babbin
January 2006
Ebook:  $51.95
UTM Security with Fortinet
By Kenneth Tam, Martín H. Hoz Salvador, Ken McAlpine, Rick Basile, Bruce Matsugu, Josh More
December 2012
Ebook:  $54.95
Nmap 6: Network exploration and security auditing Cookbook
By Paulino Calderon Pale
November 2012
Ebook:  $26.99
Building an Information Security Awareness Program
By Bill Gardner, Valerie Thomas
August 2014
Ebook:  $59.95
Malware Forensics Field Guide for Linux Systems
By Cameron H. Malin, Eoghan Casey, James M. Aquilina
December 2013
Ebook:  $59.95
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