Design Business Kit

O'Reilly Design + Business Starter Kit

“As the systems we interact with become more complex and interconnected, design is not only the glue that helps make all our technology meaningful, but also more humane. People expect good design now, but we need more great design to help us navigate the future.”Dan Saffer, Microinteractions

It's not enough to design an online experience that doesn't frustrate users; to be exceptionally successful, products and services must provide experiences that delight customers.

Today UX designers need to understand everything that goes into creating excellent user experiences. From mastering the principles of information architecture and designing responsive websites to collaborating with engineers designing for smart devices, UX designers need to be both specialists and generalists. The Design + Business Starter Kit contains everything you need to get started.

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Lean UX Workshop

Lean UX Workshop: Dive deep into Lean Startup and Lean UX methods with this comprehensive workshop video—and learn how to remove risk from the software development process. Recorded live in Boston in February 2014, this Lean UX Workshop provides a potent, fast-paced mix of lecture, hands-on exercises, and discussion.

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