Advanced Architecture for Big Data Applications

Advanced Architecture for Big Data Applications

Video Training

Sharpen your architectural skills by understanding challenges in the main areas of distributed systems: storage, computation, messaging, timing, and consensus. You’ll learn how to develop highly scalable big data applications using Apache Accumulo, to model and design an agile data warehouse, and to use Elasticsearch to search, aggregate, analyze, and scale large volume datastores. You’ll also learn how to identify insecurities in your big data cluster, and to secure them using MIT Kerberos, authentication with Active Directory, and authorization.

Below are the video training courses included in this Learning Path.


Distributed Systems in One Lesson

Presented by Tim Berglund 4 hours 8 minutes

This video will help you master five key challenges of distributed systems, including storage, computation, timing, communication, and consensus. You’ll also learn about some distributed programming paradigms.


Agile Data Warehouse Design

Presented by Michael Blaha 7 hours 35 minutes

This video will show you how to model and design a data warehouse. It covers data sources, staging tables, basic data warehouse modeling, recurrent dimensions, advanced dimension data warehouse modeling, data warehouse design, data warehouse data, end user access, and metadata management.


In Search of Database Nirvana

Presented by Rohit Jain 1 hour 25 minutes

Companies are looking for a single SQL database engine that can address all their needs—from transactional, to operational, business intelligence, analytical workloads, and more—on a single platform without the latency of data transformation and replication. This video explains the next best thing: hybrid transactional/analytical processing (or HTAP). You’ll learn how to deliver HTAP with a single query engine, how a single query engine can support multiple HTAP workloads and support multiple storage engines serving different needs, how to evaluate enterprise level HTAP technologies, and more.


Working with Elasticsearch

Presented by Radu Gheorghe 2 hours 42 minutes

In this video, you’ll learn how to search, aggregate, analyze, and scale large volume datastores.


Learning Apache Accumulo

Presented by Aaron Cordova 2 hours 5 minutes

This hands-on guide will show you how to develop highly scalable big data applications. It covers basic application development, application security (including authentication and authorization), intermediate application development, such as reading and writing secondary indexes, handling hardware failure, and updates and deletes, and advanced application development, performance, and administration.


Introduction to Hadoop Security

Presented by Jeff Bean 5 hours 25 minutes

This video will teach you everything you need to know to secure big data clusters with Hadoop—including tooling, Hadoop insecurities, authentication with MIT Kerberos, authentication with Active Directory, and authorization, encryption, developer topics, and administrator topics.