Android Basics

Android Basics

Video Training

With a wide range of tools designed to facilitate the development process, creating Android apps has never been easier. This Learning Path gives you the tools and skills you need to create the next killer app for Android devices.


Experience with Java programming


Learning Android

Presented by Ken Kousen 5 hours 2 minutes

Learn the basics of developing for Android devices using the Android Studio wizard. You’ll learn how to access the Android Developer website for dashboards, version numbers, and market distributions, as well as where to find the tools and technologies you need for development.


Learning Android Studio

Presented by Chris Stanley 1 hour 50 minutes

Extend your Android development skills as you learn about basic project configuration and configuration settings, including code style settings, inspections, and debugging. From there, you’ll start to work with Android activities, navigate Android Studio, and more.


Practical Android

Presented by Ken Kousen 4 hours 31 minutes

Get practical tips to further enhance your Android skills. Learn how to create alert dialogs and configure dialog buttons so they react to clicks. This includes creating an interface that the activity implements, as well as everything you need to know about fragments. Instructor Ken Kousen also reviews the Google Play store and deployment process.


Gradle for Android

Presented by Ken Kousen 4 hours 31 minutes

If you’re an experienced Android developer or just preparing to jump in, you need to know the Gradle automated build system. In this step of your Learning Path, instructor Ken Kousen shows you how to work with Gradle when developing apps for Android devices.