Beginning UX Design

Beginning UX Design

Video Training

Your audience has astonishingly high expectations when it comes to user experiences, putting the pressure on you to deliver a UX they can’t resist—on whatever device they choose to use. In this Learning Path you’ll acquire the skills to design multi-device experiences that enchant your users anywhere.

Below are the video training courses included in this Learning Path.


Learning UX Fundamentals

Presented by Dani Nordin 2 hours 38 minutes

Dive into the basic principles of user experience design. You’ll start with basic visual principles, including visibility and contrast, and how to work with color. Then move on to behavioral principles, usability testing, user research methods, and other principles and tools for creating exceptional user experiences.


User Research Fundamentals for Designers

Presented by Christine Perfetti 5 hours 2 minutes

This course arms you with the techniques necessary for gathering user feedback and conducting usability tests. Start with an overview of UX research methods, then jump into learning how to plan a usability study, then expand into user interviews, expert reviews, diary studies, and other methods of extracting useful information.


Prototyping for UX Designers

Presented by Nick Inzucchi 2 hours 55 minutes

Walk through the process of designing an iOS app from its initial mock-up to a fully interactive prototype. You’ll use a number of tools including Sketch, InVision, and Framer as you learn to prototype your own apps.