Designing Hardware with Autodesk 123D, Inventor, and AutoCAD 3D

Designing Hardware with Autodesk 123D, Inventor, and AutoCAD 3D

Video Training

The latest suite of drafting technologies from Autodesk provides a complete, professional environment for bringing your ideas to life with stunning 2D and 3D models. In this Learning Path, you can begin with little or no knowledge of AutoCAD programs; by the time you finish, you’ll have the skills you need to create accurate renderings and models of your hardware designs.

Below are the video training courses included in this Learning Path.


Learning Autodesk 123D Design

Presented by Lydia Cline 1 hour 24 minutes

This project-based course will give you an understanding of even the most complex Autodesk 123D Design topics. You’ll get a quick tour of the interface, and then work with each of the basic tools and techniques as you build on your knowledge of 3D design. Once you master those, you’ll work with more advanced tools, then learn how to export and print your 3D designs.


Learning Autodesk Inventor 2016

Presented by Adam Cooper 9 hours 42 minutes

Inventor is the next tool in Autodesk’s 3D design suite. You’ll start by learning how to sketch basic, secondary, and work features. Once you’ve thoroughly explored sketching, you’ll move into the assembly environment, learning how to build an assembly from the parts you created, interact with the assembly, and create a presentation view of the assembly. Finally, you’ll cover basic view creation and dimensioning methods.


Learning Autodesk AutoCAD 3D 2016

Presented by Seth Cohen 6 hours 12 minutes

In this segment of your Learning Path, you’ll use the powerful features in AutoCAD 3D to create, edit, render, and present your own 3D models. This course rounds out the 3D skills you’ve mastered using Design 123D and Inventor. Here, you’ll cover topics such as wireframes, surface modeling, primitive solid models, and creating models from 2D profiles. Finally, you’ll learn about rendering, recording an animation, and using ShowMotion for presentations.