Dive Deeper into PHP Programming

Dive Deeper into PHP Programming

Video Training

After 11 long years, we’re seeing the release of PHP 7, the first major version since PHP 5.0. With this Learning Path, you’ll get up to speed quickly with PHP 7, as you explore the new language features, important fixes, and more. Then, you’ll take your skills even further as you master PHP web services and security. This Learning Path is what you need to bring your PHP sites and apps current with the modern web.


A solid foundation in building sites with PHP

Below are the video training courses included in this Learning Path.


Up to Speed with PHP 7

David Powers 2 hours 56 minutes

Take a hands-on tour of the what’s new and different in PHP 7. With some important fixes, vastly improved performance (many applications are running twice as fast), and exciting new language features such as the spaceship operator and null coalesce operator, there’s a lot to learn. This course will bring you up to speed quickly on everything you need to know to flex the power of this new version.


PHP Web Services

Presented by Lorna Jane Mitchell 2 hours 32 minutes

As our world grows increasingly interconnected, you need to be able to integrate systems and share data. In this step of your Learning Path, you’ll learn how to build web services with PHP and exchange data across applications. You’ll explore HTTP, from the request/response cycle to its verbs, headers, and cookies, get practical advice for working with RPC, SOAP, and RESTful services, choose the service that works best for your application, and many other key details used in building web services.


PHP Security

Presented by Doug Bierer 4 hours 37 minutes

This step of your Learning Path looks at the primary security considerations that can affect a PHP website and the preventative measures you can take. You’ll start by learning about the most common forms of attack and what the consequences can be when your website is not protected. Then you’ll learn how to protect your website against common website vulnerabilities, SQL injection attacks, and more. By the completion of this course, you’ll be able to ensure that your website is secure against attacks and free of vulnerabilities.