Enterprise Java Development

Enterprise Java Development

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The Java Platform, Enterprise Edition (Java EE) is a collection of technologies and APIs for the Java platform designed to support large-scale, distributed, transactional, and highly available applications that support mission-critical business requirements. This Learning Path gives you a hands-on introduction to Java EE 7 and some of the most popular and useful APIs, tools, and services for building applications in Java EE.


Fundamental understanding of Java SE and object-oriented programming concepts

Below are the video training courses included in this Learning Path.


Learning Java EE 7

Presented by Brian Gorman 7 hours 15 minutes

Begin your study of Enterprise Java as instructor Brian Gorman introduces you to the the concepts, tools, and functions you’ll need for building websites. You’ll start with an introduction to the Web and Java HTTPServlets, then dive into the essential components of Java Server Pages (JSP). As you progress in your development of a themed website and web framework, you’ll get hands-on knowledge of all the parts, including custom tag libraries, filters and wrappers, and web security.


Learning Spring Programming

Presented by Kevin Bowersox 6 hours 29 minutes

Get up to speed up on the fundamentals of Spring quickly with this segment of your Learning Path. You will start by learning about the Spring Inversion of Control (IOC), which is central to the Spring framework. Then you’ll tackle Spring Beans, including setting up a project, Bean scopes, and auto-wiring with XML. As you work through the fundamentals of this popular open source framework, you'll cover Java configuration, container features, foundations of data access, and JDBC with templates.


Building Web Services with Java

Presented by Martin Kalin 6 hours 25 minutes

Learn how to write REST-style and SOAP-based web services in this step of your Learning Path. After an overview of web services, you’ll work with the Java REST framework, including JAX-RS and Restlet. You’ll learn about REST-style from the client side, as well as XML-Java conversion in REST-style clients. Then you’ll turn to SOAP-based web services and web services security. And finally, you’ll learn about users and roles.


Hibernate and JPA Fundamentals

Presented by Kevin Bowersox 7 hours 22 minutes

You’ll begin your study of Hibernate and the Java Persistence API by understanding the goals of these technologies and the benefits they provide. You’ll start with object-relational mapping and the basics of the Hibernate API and JPA API, then take a dive deep into basic mapping annotations, mapping composite and collection types, entity associations, and more. As you progress, you’ll learn increasingly advanced concepts including how to integrate these APIs with other frameworks.


Design Patterns in Java

Presented by Petter Graff 3 hours 38 minutes

In this segment of your Learning Path, you’ll work with the most commonly used Gang-of-Four design patterns—including abstract factory, adapter, builder, command, composite, observer, strategy, and prototype—and learn how to select the correct pattern for your task at hand. As you explore the various design patterns, you’ll learn when it’s appropriate to apply one and when you it’s not. By the end of this course, you’ll have a strong working knowledge of design patterns.