Video Training

When it comes to tracking, branching, merging, and managing code revisions, there’s no tool more popular—or more essential—than Git. This Learning Path helps you bring order to your code and files as you progress from Git basics to advanced techniques for using and collaborating with this important tool.

Below are the video training courses included in this Learning Path.


Learning Git

Presented by Chad Thompson 3 hours 22 minutes

Learn the basics of the Git source control system beginning with the common Git servers and clients, then move on to more advanced topics like SourceTree, merging Git branches, creating and resolving pull requests, and more. Once you’ve finished this course, you’ll be comfortable using Git to develop software and collaborate with other developers.


Mastering Git

Presented by Matthew McCullough and Tim Berglund 5 hours 8 minutes

Explore the full spectrum of Git, from the foundations of how objects are hashed to the practical commands you need to be productive every day. Through live demos, you’ll learn how each of Git’s new terms and commands works in practice, and discover how this Git compares to centralized version control systems such as Subversion. You’ll also get workflow ideas and practical tips to help you use Git most effectively.


Mastering Advanced Git

Presented by Matthew McCullough and Tim Berglund 3 hours 46 minutes

Go beyond the basics and take Git to a higher level of productivity by learning about Git’s powerful yet underused advanced features. Many developers are eager to learn more about Git’s more complex capabilities, but unfortunately, not much documentation has been available until now.


Collaborating with Git

Presented by Emma Jane Hogbin Westby 6 hours 3 minutes

In this hands-on video course, Emma Jane Hogbin Westby takes an unconventional approach to teaching version control with Git. Rather than start with the commands you’ll be running, she first explains why—and then demonstrates how. Along the way, you’ll learn several Git hacks to help you be more efficient, including navigating Git from the command line.


Git Fundamentals for Web Developers

Presented by Lorna Mitchell 3 hours 44 minutes

In this segment of your Learning Path, you’ll learn how to create a project, collaborate with others, and integrate with CI and deployment tools. Once you’ve completed this course, you will be fully capable of integrating Git into your web development projects.