Video Training

Groovy is a powerful, multi-faceted language for the Java platform that integrates smoothly with any Java program. In this Learning Path, you’ll see how writing anything—from a simple build script to a full-scale application—is much easier with Groovy than with Java. Discover the many advantages of adding Groovy to projects written in Java and other object-oriented languages.


Knowledge of Java and object-oriented programming concepts

Below are the video training courses included in this Learning Path.


Groovy Programming Fundamentals

Presented by Ken Kousen 3 hours 56 minutes

Get straight to the heart of this JVM language as you see how how Groovy can help increase your productivity through dynamic language features similar to those of Python, Ruby, and Smalltalk. You’ll see how easy it is to add Groovy to your projects while you explore the language through a host of examples and demonstrations. You’ll learn about Groovy’s basic data types, how to customize the natural defaults, and everything else needed to put Groovy to work.


Practical Groovy Programming

Presented by Ken Kousen 4 hours 58 minutes

You’ll take your basic Groovy skills to the next level in this segment of your Learning Path. Learn how to work with XML and JSON, implement runtime metaprogramming, and use several AST transformations. You’ll also dive into operator overloading, Groovy SQL, and the Groovy JDK.


Mastering Groovy Programming

Presented by Ken Kousen 5 hours 49 minutes

In this course, you’ll acquire advanced techniques for working with Spock, Spring, functional programming, and more. You’ll start by creating RESTful web services, and then conduct Unit Tests, apply Groovy’s functional programming features, and use Java’s Spring Framework in conjunction with this JVM language.