HTML5 Fundamentals

HTML5 Fundamentals

Video Training

HTML5 lets you program for features, not browser versions, giving you much more control and flexibility over your sites and apps while freeing you from worrying about the quirks of any specific platform. Learn how to create impressive, interactive websites and web apps that include video and audio, dynamic drawings, geolocation, offline availability, drag-and-drop, and many other features.

Below are the video training courses included in this Learning Path.


Modern Web Development with HTML5 and CSS

Presented by Rachel Andrew 3 hours 24 minutes

In this step of your Learning Path, you’ll become familiar with the basics of developing for the Web. Through hands-on exercises, you’ll work with HTML syntax, links, images, validation, and more. Then you’ll add CSS, text and typography, and color and images to the mix. And finally you’ll dive into audio, video, and responsive design. By the end of this course, you’ll know how to create, test, and troubleshoot your own responsive layouts.


Learning HTML5 Audio And Video

Presented by Geoff Blake 1 hour 59 minutes

Get ready to master the ins and outs of HTML5 audio and video. Learn how to embed media into your webpages and then practice techniques to ensure that your audio and video will work in a variety of scenarios and devices. Learn about adding subtitles and captions, mobile playback with responsive video, and using video embed builders. And finally, you will learn how to encode files for reliable playback on various devices.


Learning HTML5 Forms

Presented by Ben Jaffe 1 hour 2 minutes

HTML5 Forms are an integral part of most modern websites. You’ll start by mastering the autocomplete attribute, learning how to create autocomplete input types and fallback options for non-HTML5 browsers. Then you’ll tackle other new form attributes, such as autofocus, placeholder text, and checked, disabled, and spellcheck. Finally, you will learn about the new input types: search, email, web address, and phone numbers, and more. When you’ve finished this course, you’ll be able to add impressive forms and features to your layouts.


Mobile HTML5

Presented by Maximiliano Firtman 5 hours 45 minutes

In this course, you’ll work with HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, and tools for mobile devices, such as emulators. You’ll learn about different screen sizes and resolutions, sensors and hardware, form design, testing and debugging, and other facets of mobile design and development. Using live code, detailed walk-throughs, and many examples, you’ll acquire tricks and solutions for better usability and multiplatform compatibility, as well as how to deal with common pitfalls and challenges.