Intermediate UX Design

Intermediate UX Design

Video Training

You want to create rich, interactive experiences that your users will find irresistible. To achieve this, you have to learn to anticipate your users’ wants and needs so you can design for their subconscious actions, reactions, and emotions. In this Learning Path, you’ll discover how to use speed, animation, empathy, Calm Technology, and other techniques to delight your users and keep them coming back for more.

Below are the video training courses included in this Learning Path.


High Speed UX

Presented by Steve Souders 1 hour 52 minutes

Which would you rather have: A rich design or a fast user experience? Users want both, but sometimes the interplay between design and performance feels like one side’s gain is the other side’s loss. Design and performance are indeed connected, but they aren’t opposing forces. Instead, they complement each other. In this course, Steve Souders, former Chief Performance Yahoo! and Google head performance engineer, explains a process that brings design and performance together at the beginning of a project to deliver a web experience that’s both fast and rich.


UI Animation for Designers

Presented by Vinay Raghu 2 hours 8 minutes

In this course, you’ll learn how to enhance user experience by incorporating animation into your designs. You’ll start with the basics of UI animation, learning about state and context change, spatial relationships, and more. Then you’ll tackle more advanced concepts, such as motion design principles, timing functions, problem solving with animation, and implementing animation in various scenarios.


Designing with Empathy

Presented by Dani Nordin 2 hours 59 minutes

In this step of your Learning Path, UX designer Dani Nordin shows how developing and communicating empathy produces a more comprehensive and nuanced view of your users that will improve your products. She outlines a practical approach to user research that will help you uncover the principles and reasoning that guide your users’ behavior. You’ll learn effective techniques for creating a well-crafted user definition, mapping customer experiences, and much more as you work through the four types of empathy that relate to UX design.


Calm Technology

Presented by Amber Case 1 hour 31 minutes

How can we design technology products that enter smoothly into people’s lives, rather than serve as a constant source of annoyance? In this course, instructor and cyborg anthropologist Amber Case shows you how to use principles of Calm Technology, a framework for designing ubiquitous devices that engage a user’s attention only when necessary, while calmly remaining in the periphery most of the time. Through a series of hands-on projects, you’ll learn how to design the next generation of connected devices, including notification styles, compressing information into other senses, and designing for the least amount of cognitive overhead.