Learn to Build a Website

Learn to Build a Website

Video Training

You want to create modern websites that stand out and offer all the functionality that users have come to expect. Good news—it’s never been easier, even for absolute beginners. Using tools like SquareSpace, WordPress, and HTML and CSS, you can build impressive sites that no one would guess were the work of a newbie. This Learning Path gives you all the skills you need the build the sites you envision.

Below are the video training courses included in this Learning Path.


An Introduction to Web in HTML & CSS

Presented by Cassidy Williams and Camryn Williams 59 minutes

In this course, you’ll code along with instructors and sisters Cassidy and Camryn Williams as you learn how to build web pages with HTML and define the look and format with CSS. As you pick up basic skills, you’ll also learn a host of best practices as well as how avoid common pitfalls. Once you’ve completed this course, you’ll know how to design, build, host, and maintain a website using HTML and CSS.


Modern Web Development with HTML5 and CSS

Presented by Rachel Andrew 3 hours 24 minutes

In this step of your Learning Path, you’ll become familiar with the basics of developing for the Web. Through hands-on exercises, you’ll work with HTML syntax, links, images, validation, and more. Then you’ll add CSS, text and typography, and color and images to the mix. And finally you’ll dive into audio, video, and responsive design. By the end of this course, you’ll know how to create, test, and troubleshoot your own responsive layouts.


Building Websites with Squarespace

Presented by Andy Anderson 3 hours 32 minutes

Squarespace is a new, easy-to-use platform for creating websites, blogs, and e-commerce stores with modern design and functionality. Start your tutorial with a tour of the Squarespace environment. Then you’ll practice creating sites and cover pages, work with settings and design options, and create additional content. You’ll also learn about setup options, including how to set up a paid account, a commerce page, and a blog.


Building Websites with WordPress

Presented by Craig Campbell 5 hours 22 minutes

WordPress powers everything from blogs and simple websites, to complex portals, enterprise websites, and even applications. Its powerful yet simple features make it a delight to use for content management and audiences love its easy-to-interact with design. In this course, you’ll learn how to build and theme an entire website using WordPress.