Learn to Code for the Web

Learn to Code for the Web

Video Training

Knowing how to code removes a barrier between your designs and the Web. Instead of creating countless Photoshop mockups, or trying to micromanage a web developer’s actions, you can take your ideas directly to the Web. In this course, you’ll master HTML, CSS, and JavaScript—the primary tools for designing sites and web applications—and discover what effective design tools they are.

Below are the video training courses included in this Learning Path.


An Introduction to Web in HTML & CSS

Presented by Cassidy Williams and Camryn Williams 59 minutes

In this course, you’ll code along with instructors and sisters Cassidy and Camryn Williams as you learn how to build web pages with HTML and define the look and format with CSS. As you pick up basic skills, you’ll also learn a host of best practices as well as how avoid common pitfalls. Once you’ve completed this course, you’ll know how to design, build, host, and maintain a website using HTML and CSS.


CSS for Designers

Presented by Adrian Mendoza 5 hours 10 minutes

CSS is a powerful language for creating and controlling your website’s presentation, but it’s more of a visual language than a traditional coding tool. In this Learning Path step, you’ll work through hands-on exercises as you learn how to organize, develop, and optimize your CSS. Along the way, you’ll create a non-functional spec, build a style guide, and develop page templates.


Modern Web Development with HTML5 and CSS

Presented by Rachel Andrew 3 hours 24 minutes

In this step of your Learning Path, you’ll become familiar with the basics of developing for the Web. Through hands-on exercises, you’ll work with HTML syntax, links, images, validation, and more. Then you’ll add CSS, text and typography, and color and images to the mix. And finally you’ll dive into audio, video, and responsive design. By the end of this course, you’ll know how to create, test, and troubleshoot your own responsive layouts.


Beginning Programming with JavaScript

Presented by Semmy Purewal 5 hours 54 minutes

If you’ve never programmed before, or have just begun learning a language such as Java, this course is the ideal way to get started with JavaScript. You’ll start with JavaScript language basics. Then you’ll get a tour of variables, type-checking, loops, objects, arrays, and array methods, with ample opportunities to try your hand at each topic during the lessons. You’ll wrap up each section with practice questions that test your knowledge. By the end, you’ll have solid grasp on JavaScript in particular and programming in general.