Mastering Java

Mastering Java

Video Training

This Learning Path doesn’t merely introduce you to advanced Java concepts, it makes sure that you’ve got the concepts nailed down. After tackling concurrency and network programming, you’ll explore functional programming in Java 8 using lambdas, streams, collectors, and more. Next you’ll practice testing and static code analysis with JUnit, Spock, and other tools as you complete your journey to advanced Java proficiency.


A working knowledge of Java or completion of Learning Path: Beginning Java

Below are the video training courses included in this Learning Path.


Advanced Java Development

Presented by Ken Kousen 6 hours 45 minutes

You’ve got a couple of years of Java under your belt and you’ve reached a place where complex concepts like concurrency and network programming or generics and collections leave you baffled and unable to proceed. In this course, Java wizard Ken Kousen demystifies all to transport you to a smarter place. You’ll master generic programming, concurrency, interfaces, inheritance, objects, the new I/O packages, working with relational databases, networking, testing, inner classes, and the new features of Java 8—and you won’t be baffled any more.


Java 8 Lambdas and Streams

Presented by Madhusudhan Konda 4 hours 24 minutes

Get ready to master some of the most important new features in Java 8—lambdas and streams. Your instructor Madhusudhan will begin with lambdas, including the lambda syntax, target typing, and lambda scoping. From there, you’ll work with interfaces, functions, streams, and stream common operations. You’ll cover other advanced topics and finally wrap up with parallel streams, including serial execution, sequential or parallel, and performance measurements.


Java Testing for Developers

Presented by Ian Darwin 4 hours 52 minutes

In this step of your Learning Path, Java expert Ian Darwin teaches you about the tools and techniques that are used to test Java software. You’ll start with dynamic testing tools, learning how to write and run JUnit, test persistence with JUnit, and mock objects with JUnit. From there, Ian will teach you about Spock, advanced Spock, and test coverage. You’ll explore a variety of methods for testing web apps and finally, you’ll learn about PMD, including how to run with Eclipse, deal with outputs, and analyze reports.