Programming for Sysadmins

Programming for Sysadmins

Video Training

A little knowledge goes a long way—and this is especially true if you’re a sysadmin looking to acquire programming skills. On this Learning Path, you’ll cover Python, Bash, Git, UI Development, and Vim. Once you’ve got these powerful core technologies added to your programming arsenal, there will be few limits to what you can do.


Experience managing linux systems recommended

Below are the video training courses included in this Learning Path.


Introduction to Python

Presented by Jessica McKellar 3 hours 27 minutes

Learn how to get started with this popular language, whether you’re new to programming or just new to Python. This engaging course teaches you Python’s core concepts and data types through hands-on exercises, and delivers fun and useful projects so you can put everything together. Discover what’s possible with Python and get the necessary foundation to begin writing programs of your own.


Great Bash

Presented by Carl Albing 4 hours 25 minutes

Great Bash will teach you the fundamentals of bash shell programming, beginning with simple shell scripts and progressing to complex, automated system administration and file management tasks. You’ll also get a firm handle on control structures and the decision-making abilities of the bash environment. By the time you’re done, you’ll have written more than twenty complex shell scripts, interacted with the rest of your file system, and learned to think like a shell programmer along the way.


Collaborating with Git

Presented by Emma Jane Hogbin Westby 6 hours 3 minutes

If you’ve previously tried to learn Git but found the structure of the materials to be opaque, too academic, or just plain confusing, this hands-on course will help you complete the task. Instructor Emma Jane Hogbin Westby takes an unconventional approach to teaching version control with Git. Rather than start with the commands you’ll run, she first explains why—and then demonstrates how. As you progress, you’ll learn Git hacks to be more efficient, including how to navigate Git from the command line.


UI Development for Engineers

Presented by Mike Kivikoski 3 hours 59 minutes

Now that new tools have blurred the line between the Web’s front- and back-ends, full-stack engineers are in great demand—and for many, that means becoming more comfortable with user interface development. In this course, you’ll learn how to use basic design principles to mold your code into something beautiful. By the time you complete this course, you’ll be able to create UI design mockups and then make them real.


Mastering Vim

Presented by Damian Conway 3 hours 25 minutes

Roughly half of all software developers use vi/Vim on a regular basis, but most of those use only a tiny fraction of the editor’s full feature set. This course, taught by internationally renowned speaker, author, and trainer Damian Conway, gives you two dozen effective ways you can immediately improve your Vim environment, including recently added features and many powerful plugins and tools. In just 3 hours, you’ll learn about a wide range of Vim’s other features and discover numerous configuration options that can make your editing more efficient and productive.