Software Architecture Fundamentals

Software Architecture Fundamentals

Video Training

Being a software architect is more than just possessing technical knowledge. It’s about thinking like an architect, being a leader, and understanding the architectural elements, patterns, and styles necessary to create effective software architectures. In this Learning Path, Neal Ford and Mark Richards empower you with the essential skills you need to be effective in this role.


Knowledge of development workflows and programming experience recommended

Below are the video training courses included in this Learning Path.


Software Architecture Fundamentals Understanding the Basics

Presented by Neal Ford and Mark Richards 6 hours 57 minutes

This course introduces you to the four main aspects of a software architect and will help you understand the difference between architecture decisions and technology decisions. You’ll acquire crucial soft skills, such as how to communicate effectively as a team leader and how to match methodology with architecture to ensure a successful implementation. Then you’ll explore various techniques and patterns for integrating multiple applications and databases and learn how to make your architecture more adaptable to changes in business and technology.


Software Architecture Fundamentals Beyond the Basics

Presented by Neal Ford and Mark Richards 5 hours 57 minutes

This step of your Learning Path advances the discussion from developer to architect by covering various frameworks such as application, integration, and enterprise architecture. You’ll evaluate architectures (including making formal processes like ATAM more agile and effective) and understand the effect of modern engineering practices and the pros and cons of different approaches. Neal Ford and Mark Richards provide diverse opinions and contexts as you work through the course to give you a solid understanding of each framework and your options.