Issues and Next Steps in Software Architecture

Issues and Next Steps in Software Architecture

Video Training

With this Learning Path, you’ll learn strategic ways of dealing with today’s demands while planning for the future. Get crucial soft skills, such as communication and modeling, with a deeper understanding of service-based architectures including an in-depth look into microservices. After this course, you’ll be confident in your ability to handle the toughest challenges headed your way.

Below are the video training courses included in this Learning Path.


I’m a Software Architect, Now What?

Presented by Nathaniel Schutta 3 hours 13 minutes

The job title of software architect suggests a workday focused on technical decision-making, but the reality is quite different. In this course, instructor and software architect Nathaniel Schutta constructs a real-world job description in which communication trumps coding. Under his direction, you’ll learn the skill sets needed to juggle multiple priorities, meetings, and time demands. You’ll learn how to inspire teams, give and take criticism, and write effective email and formal architecture documents. You’ll also pick up all-important techniques for stakeholder management and relationship building. By the end of this course, you’ll know what a software architect’s day looks like—and be ready for all it entails.


Modeling for Software Architects

Presented by Nathaniel Schutta 2 hours 37 minutes

Do your diagrams truly represent the software your team has to make? Do they actually guide development? Or have you become the dreaded “white board architect,” the pie-in-the-sky scribbler of useless boxes and arrows? In this step of your Learning Path, Nathaniel Schutta erases those lousy sketches and replaces them with diagrams you’ll find useful: concept, context, component, deployment, sequence, security, and disaster recovery. This is a hands-on course, colored markers required. You’ll create diagrams, compare them to Nathaniel’s, and see where you can improve.


The Principles of Microservices

Presented by Sam Newman 2 hours 45 minutes

Interest in microservices is exploding, with industry leaders like Amazon and Netflix deploying them massively. In this course, instructor Sam Newman presents an overview of microservice architecture and usage, including modeling, integrating, testing, deploying, and monitoring your own autonomous services. Sam will demonstrate his famous Eight Key Principles for doing microservices well. By the end of this course, you’ll know when microservices are a good choice and you’ll be fully able to plan a strategy for using them.


Service-Based Architectures

Presented by Mark Richards and Neal Ford 6 hours 4 minutes

In this course led by popular instructors Neal Ford and Mark Richards, you’ll explore a variety of service-based architectures, including immensely popular microservices. Through a series of instructive visuals, you’ll compare and contrast these architectures in several ways, including their structure, engineering practices, and deployment. You’ll also examine the challenges of migrating from monolithic service-oriented architectures (SOA) to smaller service-based models, and the effects this change can have on team building and company culture in general.