UIKit Dynamics

UIKit Dynamics: Playing with Physics in iOS

Video Training

Managing your iOS app’s user interface keeps getting easier with Apple’s developer tools. This Learning Path focuses on UIKit Dynamics, which provides a way to integrate real-world physics, mechanics, and animation into your app—basically a nifty little physics engine! Learn how to use UIKit dynamics by following Paris, Jon, and Tim as they show how gravity works on a box. Oh, and there’s a cool pendulum example as well.

Below are the video training courses included in this Learning Path.


UIKit Dynamics: Playing with Physics in iOS

Presented by Paris Buttfield-Addison, Jon Manning, Tim Nugent 54 minutes

Basics of UIKit Dynamics
UIKit Dynamics helps to create a more engaging interface for your iOS app. With this step you’ll learn the basics and how to incorporate them into your app.

Creating a Box Affected by Gravity with Collisions
What’s the fun of having created a box if you can’t see what physics can do to it? Find out how gravity and collisions can be used with UIKit Dynamics.

Creating a Box You Can Flick to Dismiss
Take a look at this simple way to add support for dragging and dropping a view with physical properties. In this video, we create a box then flick it from the screen.

Creating a Box That Falls From the Screen
Now create a simple box then make it disappear!

Creating a Pendulum
Learn how to use UIKit Dynamics joints to create a swinging view.