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Chapter: About this Course and Sneak Peek Sample

About this video course and sneak peek sample

22m 31s

Chapter: Overview Week

Class Apps and iPhone Simulator

36m 51s

Extras: Cool Stuff for Designers

02m 27s

Chapter: Week One: iPhone Biz Card

Sizing your pages for the iPhone

20m 42s

CSS Media Queries

22m 29s

navigator.userAgent and redirecting for iPhone

12m 4s

Styling for the iPhone with CSS

09m 40s


13m 11s

Creating detail lists

12m 15s

Accessibility, other mobile browsers, Web apps, homework

08m 54s

Chapter: Week Two: Design a Web App

CreativeTechs Web App

27m 20s

Tapping into iPhone Features

16m 59s

Three ways to link to video

12m 35s

Submit an email by form

08m 35s

Positioning the tabs

08m 19s

Getting more app-like

15m 23s

Web app usability

14m 47s


02m 31s

Chapter: Week Three: Scripting and Libraries

Swipes and Slides

49m 46s


22m 1s


19m 49s


11m 9s

Chapter: Week Four: Native Apps


04m 14s

Build an app to play a video

15m 18s

Create the interface

27m 52s

Hook up the Play button

17m 55s

Add code to play the video

08m 23s

Add a home screen icon

01m 24s

Create an RSS-based app with Taplynx

10m 13s

Add a Twitter tab

09m 26s

Getting your native app on your iPhone

23m 26s

PLACEHOLDER: Week 1: iPhone Biz Card

00m 17s

PLACEHOLDER: Week 3: Scripting and Libraries

00m 13s

PLACEHOLDER: Week 4: Native Apps

00m 16s

PLACEHOLDER: Week 2: Design a Web App

00m 11s