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Table of Contents

Chapter: Overview Week: Getting started with Android

Overview Week: What is Android?

19m 56s

Overview Week: Eclipse and SDK setup and build a Red Flashlight app

38m 4s

Overview Week: Add a button to a Green Flashlight

21m 6s

Overview Week: Add the Green Flashlight

18m 47s

Chapter: Week 1: Build a Task Manager App

Week 1: Layout and Build a Task Manager App

04m 9s

Week 1: Displaying a list of tasks

40m 43s

Week 1: Sharing Data Across the Task Manager App

12m 6s

Week 1: Create the Add Task View

22m 8s

Week 1: Implement Safe Canceling

21m 9s

Week 1: Homework and Q & A

13m 22s

Chapter: Week 2: Create a Task List

Week 2: Creating a List of Tasks

03m 50s

Week 2: A Better List View

22m 34s

Week 2: Showing the Tasks

58m 54s

Week 2: Completing Tasks

07m 25s

Week 2: Removing Completed Tasks

07m 52s

Week 2: Wrap up, Homework and Q&A

17m 42s

Chapter: Week 3: Add Persistence

Week 3: Adding Persistence to our Task Manager using SQLite

07m 22s

Week 3: Loading tasks from the database

48m 7s

Week 3: Adding new tasks to the database

22m 42s

Week 3: Completing a task

09m 59s

Week 3: Deleting tasks

10m 5s

Week 3: Wrap up, Homework and Q&A

19m 53s

Chapter: Week 4: Add Location and Maps

Week 4: Adding Location and Maps to our Task Manager

06m 10s

Week 4: Adding a Location to a Task

27m 51s

Week 4: Displaying a Map View

29m 44s

Week 4: Searching for an Address and Map Overlays

28m 56s

Week 4: Returning the Address to AddTaskActivity

07m 54s

Week 4: Wrap up, Homework and Q&A

17m 56s

Chapter: Week 5: Add Location Awareness

Week 5: Adding Location Awareness to our Task Manager

04m 17s

Week 5: Saving the Address on a Task

23m 35s

Week 5: Displaying the Location of the Task

15m 24s

Week 5: Adding the Device's Current Location to the Map

16m 19s

Week 5: Displaying the Current Location on the Task List

24m 38s

Week 5: Filtering the Tasks by Location

16m 23s

Week 5: Wrap Up, Homework and Q&A

16m 51s