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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introducing Flash Professional CC

What Is Adobe Flash Professional?

01m 51s

The History of Flash Professional

02m 19s

What's New in Flash Professional CC for 2014

04m 37s

Chapter: Project Requirements and Design Elements

Project Plan and Storyboarding

01m 26s

Best Practices

02m 33s

Design Fundamentals

01m 51s

Chapter: Flash Professional Overview

Welcome Screen

01m 1s

Flash Professional File Types

01m 47s

Application Interface Overview

04m 26s


03m 38s

Creative Cloud Sync

04m 35s

Chapter: Working in Flash Professional

Creating a New Document

02m 41s

Working with Guides and Rulers

03m 11s

Testing a Project

05m 51s

Ensuring Accessibility

02m 38s

Kuler Panel

01m 41s

Chapter: Exploring Common Tools

The Selection and Subselection Tools

02m 32s

The Free Transform Tool

01m 50s

Colors and Swatches

02m 11s

The Text Tool

04m 48s

The Line, Shape, and Primitive Tools

05m 42s

The Pencil and Brush Tools

06m 32s

The Paint Bucket and Ink Bottle Tools

03m 35s

The Eraser Tool

02m 9s

Chapter: Advanced Tooling

PolyStar Tool

02m 16s

Pen and Anchor Point Tools

02m 2s

3D Rotation and 3D Translation Tools

04m 18s

Variable Strokes and the Width Tool

02m 43s

Chapter: Working with Shape Assets

Merge Mode Vs. Object Drawing Mode

03m 13s

Modifying Shapes

02m 48s

Grouping Assets

01m 43s

Using Break Apart

03m 21s

Trace Bitmap

02m 19s

Align and Arrange

03m 5s

Chapter: Working with the Timeline

Timeline Overview

06m 0s

Layers and Folders

05m 58s

Frames and Keyframes

02m 40s


04m 32s

Guide Layers

04m 5s


02m 17s

Chapter: Symbols and the Library

The Flash Library

04m 25s

Graphic Symbols

03m 30s

Button Symbols

04m 51s

MovieClip Symbols

05m 57s

Instances and Filter Effects

05m 16s

Using 9-Slice Scaling

04m 26s

Embedding Fonts

03m 35s

Chapter: Importing Files

Importing from Photoshop

05m 17s

Importing from Illustrator

04m 53s

Importing Bitmap Images

04m 43s

Importing Audio

01m 50s

Importing Video

06m 20s

Optimizing Content

05m 42s

Chapter: Animating in Flash Professional

Shape Tweens

05m 34s

Shape Hints

03m 21s

Classic Tweens

03m 23s

Classic Motion Guides

02m 24s

Motion Tweens

03m 26s

Using the Motion Editor

03m 27s

Motion Presets

04m 13s

Onion Skinning

04m 18s

Chapter: ActionScript Basics

ActionScript and the Actions Panel

02m 44s

Dynamic Text Fields

07m 28s

Mouse Interaction with ActionScript

03m 26s

Simulating Mobile Devices

06m 14s

Chapter: Working with Canvas, WebGL, and JavaScript

HTML5 Canvas Documents

05m 53s

JavaScript and the Actions Panel

02m 52s

Timeline Navigation with JavaScript

05m 54s

WebGL Documents

05m 35s

Chapter: Exporting Flash Assets

Exporting Images

03m 41s

Exporting SVG

03m 3s

Exporting Sprite Sheets

02m 16s

Exporting Video

04m 11s

Chapter: Publishing Content

Publishing for the Flash Player

02m 9s

Publishing for AIR Desktop

03m 30s

Publishing for AIR Mobile

04m 39s

Publishing for HTML5 Canvas

04m 44s

Publishing for WebGL

02m 57s

Generating Projectors

03m 36s