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Table of Contents

Chapter: About Adobe Illustrator


02m 26s

What is Illustrator used for?

01m 48s

Understanding the difference between raster and vector

01m 43s

Working with the exercise files

01m 0s

Chapter: Getting Familiar With Illustrator

The Adobe Illustrator interface

04m 39s

Working with and understanding panels

05m 57s

Creating a custom Tools panel

04m 14s

Defining custom keyboard shortcuts

04m 41s

Work efficiently with custom workspaces

03m 58s

Sharing your settings

03m 31s

Chapter: Working with Documents

Creating your first document

04m 19s

Using and creating a new document profile

06m 27s

Using and creating Illustrator templates

05m 3s

Working with Artboards

05m 3s

Working With multiple Artboards

08m 7s

Saving an Illustrator file

04m 35s

Using Adobe Comp

07m 56s

Saving for the Web

08m 5s

Using Adobe Bridge

05m 16s

Chapter: Getting Around in Illustrator

Navigating Illustrator documents with new performance enhancements

07m 2s

Illustrator viewing modes

05m 26s

Using Screen modes

03m 59s

Creating multiple views of artwork

05m 30s

Chapter: Working with Objects in Illustrator

Selecting objects using the basic Selection tools

06m 30s

Selecting objects using advanced selection techniques

07m 7s

Understanding Isolation Mode

04m 18s

Creating Guides and using Smart Guides

07m 57s

Understanding Stroke and Fill properties

04m 21s

Adjusting Stroke properties

06m 25s

Chapter: Drawing in Illustrator

Drawing with the Shape tools

07m 57s

Live Shapes and Live Corners

07m 27s

Drawing with the Shaper tool

06m 57s

Reshaping segments with the Anchor Point tool

04m 6s

Exploring the Line tools

10m 34s

Drawing with the new Pencil tool

05m 38s

Drawing straight line segments with the Pen tool

08m 4s

Drawing curved line segments with the Pen tool

08m 9s

Drawing with the Curvature tool

06m 26s

Drawing with the Blob Brush tool

07m 43s

Understanding stacking order

04m 50s

Understanding the Layers panel

08m 11s

Using Drawing modes

04m 51s

Chapter: Modifying Paths in Illustrator

Splitting paths

04m 32s

Joining paths

05m 13s

Using the Pathfinder panel

05m 24s

Using the Shapebuilder tool

05m 2s

Creating a Compound Path

05m 26s

Creating a Clipping mask

06m 20s

Creating an Opacity mask

06m 7s

Fun with blends

08m 41s

Using Offset Path and Outline Stroke

03m 44s

Transforming objects

08m 12s

The Width tool

06m 25s

Aligning and distributing objects

08m 37s

Chapter: Working With Color

The Color Panel and Color Picker

04m 31s

Creating swatches

08m 52s

Creating color groups

04m 16s

Working With gradients

06m 28s

Creating a pattern swatch

09m 15s

Recoloring artwork

08m 24s

Using the Edit Colors commands

03m 44s

Adobe Color

08m 16s

Using Live Paint

08m 29s

Chapter: Working With Type

Type Basics

05m 9s

Taking advantage of TypeKit

03m 49s

Getting to know the Type tools

05m 40s

Formatting type

09m 4s

Working With Area type

06m 35s

Using character and paragraph styles

07m 46s

Using Envelope Distort

08m 44s

Converting text to outlines

04m 15s

Chapter: Working With Symbols

Understanding how symbols work

04m 18s

Creating and using symbols

07m 12s

Working with dynamic symbols

05m 2s

Using the Symbolism tools

07m 48s

Chapter: Drawing With Brushes

Drawing with and applying brushes

06m 5s

Creating a Calligraphic brush

06m 20s

Creating a Scatter brush

06m 27s

Creating an Art brush

06m 3s

Creating a Pattern brush

05m 51s

Creating a Bristle brush

07m 24s

Chapter: Appearance and Effects

Understanding appearances

04m 52s

Effects and the Appearance panel

05m 50s

Creating 3D effects

10m 4s

Chapter: Creating Charts and Graphs

Creating a graph

05m 46s

Editing a graph

05m 37s

Creating a 3D graph

03m 7s

Chapter: Working With Images

Placing images

05m 6s

Working with embedded images

03m 24s

Packaging files

04m 13s

Using Image Trace

07m 44s

Using Adobe Stock

05m 29s

Chapter: Working with Creative Cloud Libraries

Creating a new CC Library

03m 45s

Adding Objects to CC Libraries

04m 14s

Adding Styles to CC Libraries

04m 41s

Adding Colors to CC Libraries

03m 9s

Chapter: Sharing and Exporting

Sharing Creative Cloud Libraries

06m 14s

Extracting CSS code from your designs

10m 52s

Exporting to SVG

04m 0s

Sharing your artwork on Behance

04m 2s