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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introducing Flash Professional CS6

What Is Adobe Flash Professional

08m 43s

What’s the Course About

01m 54s

What's New in Flash Professional CS6

02m 42s

Chapter: Flash Professional Application Overview

Application Interface Overview

08m 50s

Welcome Screen

05m 22s

Flash Professional File Formats

06m 54s

Accessing Help

05m 26s

Chapter: Getting Familiar with Flash Professional

The Application Menu

09m 40s

The Toolbar

15m 13s

The Stage

05m 13s

The Timeline

05m 59s

Working with Panels

04m 55s

The Properties Inspector

06m 58s

Colors and Swatches

06m 10s

Managing Workspaces

03m 9s

Chapter: Exploring Basic Tools

The Selection, Subselection, and Lasso Tools

05m 43s

The Line and Shape Tools

06m 38s

The Pencil, Brush, and Eraser Tools

09m 14s

The Paint Bucket and Ink Bottle Tools

03m 6s

The Eyedropper Tool

03m 9s

The Hand and Zoom Tools

03m 27s

Chapter: Exploring Advanced Tools

The Text Tool

10m 28s

The Pen and Anchor Point Tools

04m 50s

The Free Transform and Gradient Tools

03m 57s

The 3D Rotation and Translation Tools

04m 2s

The Bone and Bind Tools

07m 51s

Chapter: Project Explorations

Setting the Stage

04m 28s

Drawing the Assets

06m 33s

Making It Move

10m 38s

Adding Interactivity

06m 50s

Chapter: Working in Flash Professional

Creating a New Document

04m 31s

Using Flash Templates

07m 44s

Working with Guides and Rulers

07m 18s

Testing a Project

06m 58s

Creating a Project Plan

03m 55s

Chapter: Working with Assets

Vector vs. Bitmap

04m 37s

Lines and Fills

04m 1s

Merge Mode vs. Object Drawing Mode

03m 54s

Modifying Shapes

08m 14s

Grouping Assets

06m 16s

Importing Assets

08m 3s

Using Trace Bitmap

04m 58s

Using Break Apart

05m 18s

Chapter: Symbols and the Library

The Flash Library

06m 33s

Graphic Symbols

05m 35s

Button Symbols

07m 43s

Movie Clip Symbols

08m 1s

Sprite Symbols

03m 22s

Using Filter Effects

05m 45s

Using Blend Modes

03m 49s

Chapter: Working with Text

Creating Text Fields

05m 21s

Text Field Properties

06m 40s

Spell-Checking Text

04m 13s

Applying Filter Effects to Text

05m 46s

Embedding Fonts

06m 52s

Text Layout Framework

08m 27s

Chapter: Animating in Flash Professional

Frames and Labels

06m 51s

Layers and Folders

04m 7s


05m 4s

Frame-by-Frame Animation

04m 35s

Onion Skinning

04m 12s

Shape Tweens

05m 2s

Classic Tweens

05m 59s

Motion Tweens

06m 4s

Chapter: Advanced Animation Techniques

Nesting Animations

06m 47s

Using the Motion Editor

06m 34s

Classic Motion Guides

05m 40s

Motion Presets

07m 12s

Shape Hints

06m 10s


06m 0s

Inverse Kinematics

07m 59s

Chapter: Using Sound and Video

Importing Sound Files

07m 30s

Using Sound Within Symbols

05m 40s

Adobe Media Encoder

07m 12s

Importing Video Files

04m 10s

Chapter: ActionScript Basics

The Actions Panel

07m 23s

Timeline-Based ActionScript

06m 16s

Code Snippets

05m 12s

ActionScript Classes

07m 50s

Controlling Sound with AS3

07m 19s

Controlling Video with AS3

08m 52s

Chapter: Authoring for Mobile Devices

Mobile Targets

04m 40s

Mobile Code Snippets

04m 49s

Mobile Content Simulator

05m 3s

Testing on a Device

01m 52s

Chapter: Debugging Flash Projects

Trace Statements

07m 23s

The Flash Professional Debugger

07m 10s

Debugging on Devices

05m 29s

Troubleshooting Errors

06m 56s

Chapter: Compiling and Publishing

Optimizing Content

06m 6s

Publishing for the Flash Player

09m 8s

Publishing for AIR Desktop

05m 54s

Publishing for AIR Mobile

07m 32s

Exporting Sprite Sheets

06m 13s

Generating Image Sequences

02m 36s

Using the CreateJS Extension

06m 14s

Ensuring Accessibility

03m 38s

Chapter: Closing Thoughts

Closing Thoughts

02m 55s