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Table of Contents

Chapter: The InDesign Interface and Workspace

InDesign's Workspace

07m 25s

Using InDesign's Tools

08m 29s

Navigating Documents and Panels

08m 58s

Setting the Best Preferences

15m 32s

Building a New Document and Saving a Preset

09m 56s

Creating and Formatting Text

10m 54s

Changing Text Color and Paragraph Settings

07m 20s

Working with Graphics

06m 46s

Working with Frames

11m 58s

Chapter: InDesign Project Explorations

Placing and Formatting Text

09m 5s

Intro to Paragraph Styles

09m 46s

More Paragraph Styles

09m 28s

Editing Styles for Global Updates

06m 59s

Master Pages and Page Numbers

07m 25s

Creating or Adding Columns

07m 43s

Placing Images and Wrapping Text

07m 44s

Creating Letterhead

09m 9s

Building a Newsletter

09m 24s

Adding a Table of Contents and Jump Page Numbers

10m 15s

Using Selection Tools

06m 39s

Placing, Scaling, and Aligning Several Images with Multi-Place

06m 29s

Creating the Front of a Postcard

08m 9s

Creating the Back of a Postcard

06m 55s

Chapter: Color Me Happy

Creating Colors and Adding Swatches

06m 49s

Creating a "Color Story" with the Kuler Panel

08m 29s

Adding "Spot" or Pantone® Colors

06m 27s

Drawing with Shapes and Lines

10m 24s

Creating Gradients

14m 51s

Creating Special Effects

08m 22s

Building Object Styles

07m 34s

Using a Clipping Path or Silhouette to Create Depth

03m 10s

Chapter: High-End Text Handling

Building Character Styles

03m 10s

Creating Nested Styles

03m 37s

Nested Styles for the Power User

09m 20s

Removing Text Formatting and Relinking Word Styles to InDesign Styles

07m 15s

Hyphenation Settings and Widow/Orphan Control

07m 53s

Setting Tabs

09m 18s

Moving Beyond the Basic Tab Settings

09m 11s

Favorite Typography Keyboard Shortcuts

09m 34s

Using Find Font to Replace Missing Fonts

04m 0s

Custom Bullets and the Glyphs Panel

08m 23s

Chapter: All About Pages

Using Custom Page Numbers

04m 49s

Creating a Section

06m 18s

Building a Table of Contents

10m 36s

Creating Facing-Page (Spread) Layouts

08m 35s

Building Libraries for Frequently Used Content

09m 23s

Working with Multiple Master Pages and Referenced Master Pages

07m 38s

Unlocking and Resetting Master Page Items

05m 16s

Adding Layers to Your Document

06m 48s

Isolating, Moving, and Selecting Objects with Layers

04m 16s

Layout Adjustment

03m 2s

Using Liquid Layout

05m 40s

Alternate Layouts

06m 52s

Chapter: Fun with Images

Dragging and Dropping from Mini Bridge

04m 20s

Dynamic Captions and Adobe Bridge

03m 19s

Creating a Clipping Path (Silhouette)

05m 45s

The Align Panel

06m 49s

The Pathfinder Panel

08m 4s

Anchored Objects

04m 49s

The Links Panel

05m 37s

The Content Collector and Content Placer Tools

02m 21s

Chapter: Book Features

Creating Document Templates

02m 9s

Building a Book

04m 18s

Synchronizing Colors and Styles in a Book

03m 17s

Building a Table of Contents for a Book

03m 4s

Creating Folding Spreads

04m 40s

Chapter: Dynamic Content

Creating Hyperlinks and Building Buttons

07m 14s

Building Document-Wide Navigation

04m 52s

Animating Content

06m 37s

Creating Motion Paths

03m 30s

Adding Object States

04m 13s

Chapter: Output

Preflight and Packaging

08m 52s

The Separations Preview and Ink Manager Panels

04m 37s


03m 41s

InDesign Color Settings

02m 41s

Exporting to PDF and Loading PDF Settings

07m 40s