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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introducing Premiere Pro CS6

What Is Adobe Premiere Pro?

06m 0s

What You Will Learn and How to Use the Project Files

07m 35s

What’s New in Premiere Pro CS6

10m 50s

Video Editing Workflows

09m 3s

An Overview of the Interface

09m 37s

Why Premiere Pro Is the Post-Production Hub

10m 4s


06m 47s

Important General Preferences

07m 30s

Personal Preferences

08m 32s

Chapter: Premiere Pro Projects

General Project Settings

08m 10s

Scratch Disk Settings

04m 41s

Using Sequence Presets

08m 10s

Sequence Settings

07m 33s

Video Preview Settings

09m 36s

Sequence Track Settings

07m 5s

Chapter: Importing Media

Importing Media Files and Images

10m 16s

Importing Media from File-Based Cameras

07m 39s

Capturing a Whole Tape or Selected Shots

13m 33s

Batch Capturing

03m 59s

Importing Projects from Final Cut Pro and Avid

07m 52s

Clips and Media Files

08m 19s

Chapter: Organizing Media

Introducing the Project Panel

11m 34s

Finding Assets in the Project Panel

04m 47s

Attaching a Script or Transcript

06m 36s

Speech Analysis

06m 25s

Interpreting Footage

10m 58s

Configuring Clip Audio Channels

08m 24s

Chapter: Editing Essentials

The Monitor Controls

10m 24s

Selecting Part of a Clip

08m 31s

Adjusting Playback Resolution

07m 28s

Using Subclips

08m 53s

Introducing the Timeline Panel

11m 15s

Adding Clips to a Sequence

11m 47s

Three-Point and Four-Point Edits

10m 58s

Storyboard Editing

09m 22s

Targeting Tracks

09m 42s

Chapter: Taking Control of the Timeline

Track Controls

09m 42s

Selecting, Linking, and Unlinking Clips

07m 52s

Rearranging Clips in a Sequence

07m 14s

Using the Clipboard

04m 51s

Lifting and Extracting

06m 30s

Deleting and Ripple Deleting

04m 55s

Working with Markers

07m 30s

Chapter: Adding Transitions

Applying a Transition Between Two Clips

08m 15s

Understanding Rendering and the Work Area

09m 26s

Changing Transition Settings

08m 8s

Creating an Audio Crossfade

04m 17s

Chapter: Advanced Editing Controls

Changing the Playback Speed of Clips

10m 41s

Adjusting Playback Speed over Time

05m 58s

Replacing Clips on the Timeline

04m 0s

Replacing Footage for Clips in the Bin

05m 25s

Nesting a Sequence

03m 55s

Creating Nested Sequences in the Bin and on the Timeline

03m 25s

Trimming in the Source Monitor

03m 54s

Trimming on the Timeline

09m 3s

Timeline Trimming Tools

04m 41s

Trimming Keyboard Shortcuts

03m 59s

Split Edits: Making J and L Cuts

07m 9s

JKL Trimming

05m 3s

The Timeline Tools

07m 52s

The Trim Monitor

04m 44s

Chapter: Putting Clips into Motion

Fixed Effects for Video and Audio Clips

09m 11s

Animating with Fixed Effects

08m 6s

Creating Effect Presets

05m 43s

Chapter: Multicamera Editing

Preparing for a Multicamera Edit

09m 26s

Performing a Multicamera Edit

06m 39s

Adjusting Multicamera Edits

03m 42s

Chapter: Editing and Mixing Audio

The Audio Workspace

05m 58s

Audio Track Types

16m 6s

Normalizing Audio in the Bin and on the Timeline

06m 48s

Keyframing Volume Changes in the Timeline

07m 38s

Overview of the Audio Mixer

05m 36s

Understanding Latch/Touch/Write Automation Modes

07m 33s

Using Parametric EQ

10m 36s

Applying Audio Effects to Tracks with the Audio Mixer

05m 12s

Adjusting Audio Level in the Effect Controls Panel

06m 13s

Chapter: Adding Video Special Effects

Introducing the Effects

08m 27s

Adding Effects, Changing Settings, and Removing Effects

09m 58s

Working with Adjustment Layers

07m 29s

Using Keyframes in the Effect Controls Panel

12m 0s

The Warp Stabilizer and Rolling Shutter Correction

08m 58s

Burning in Timecode

09m 13s

Basic 3D

04m 41s


05m 30s

Chapter: Color Correction

Using the Color Correction Workspace

07m 52s

Vectorscopes and Waveforms

12m 3s

The Fast Color Corrector

14m 31s

The Three Way Color Corrector

11m 26s

Secondary Color Correction

11m 18s


11m 8s

Chapter: Working with Multiple Layers

Using Blend Modes

04m 27s

Using the Ultra Key Effect

09m 34s

Using the Lumakey Effect

05m 12s

Introducing Garbage Mattes

10m 5s

Using the Track Matte Key Effect

05m 23s

Chapter: Creating Titles

Introducing the Title Tool

08m 31s

Working with Text

10m 40s

Creating Shapes and Managing Layers

09m 7s

Working with Title Templates

08m 3s

Chapter: Managing Your Projects

Getting Organized

10m 24s

Using the Project Manager

05m 28s

Chapter: Outputting to Tapes, Media Files, and Blu-ray

Preparing a Project for Tape Output

03m 39s

Recording to a DV or HDV Tape

03m 38s

Exporting Your Sequence to a File

16m 39s

Producing Multiple File Types with Adobe Media Encoder

05m 6s

Sharing with Apple Final Cut Pro and Avid Media Composer

04m 15s

Exporting Frames

03m 9s

Outputting to Disc

08m 33s

Chapter: Project Exploration

Create a New Project, Make a Sequence, and Import Media

06m 37s

Pick Some Shots and Add Them to Your Sequence

06m 41s

Add a Simple Title, Some Fades, and Music

10m 6s

Send the Sequence to Adobe Encore

07m 34s

Create a Simple, Menu-Driven Blu-ray with Adobe Encore

13m 48s

Chapter: Closing Thoughts

Closing Thoughts on This Course

03m 1s