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Table of Contents

Chapter: Making and Moving 3D Objects


03m 49s

Extruding text

02m 1s

The secondary view

01m 35s

Using 3D tools to move in a 3D world

02m 14s

Moving 3D objects

03m 19s

Rotate objects using the Properties panel

02m 34s

Chapter: Shaping and Editing 3D Objects

Main reshaping controls

03m 38s

Inflating objects

02m 18s

Adding bevels

02m 6s

Editing the source object

02m 27s

Chapter: Revolving 3D Objects

Drawing outlines

03m 20s

Using the Pen tool

02m 29s

Editing shapes

03m 9s

Redefining shapes

04m 25s

Chapter: Inflating Objects from Photographs

Inflating a beetle

02m 17s

Using presets

02m 26s

Double-sided inflation

03m 19s

Fixing texture and highlights

03m 4s

Inflation from scratch

05m 15s

Objects you can't inflate

01m 47s

Chapter: 3D Postcards

Creating 3D postcards

05m 2s

Chapter: 3D Presets

Introducing presets

02m 34s

Wine Bottle preset

01m 25s

Wrapping textures

02m 47s

Chapter: Other Creation Tools

Creating depth maps

04m 1s

Cylindrical depth maps

02m 57s

Texture and color

02m 11s

Create a planet

03m 55s

Spherical panoramas

01m 58s

3D from Vanishing Point

03m 42s

3D volumes

01m 48s

Chapter: Importing 3D Objects

Importing an object

03m 2s

Objects with multiple parts

06m 24s

Models with insides

03m 0s

Correcting import errors

05m 19s

When models go bad

02m 3s

Chapter: Rendering

The render process

05m 24s

Three kinds of shadow

03m 50s

Render modes

01m 53s

Depth of field

01m 39s

Chapter: Lighting

Basic lighting controls

01m 53s

Changing lights

03m 14s

Point lights

02m 46s

Spot lights

02m 39s

Adding shadows

01m 42s

Special shadow effects

02m 11s

Chapter: Placing Materials

Importing and positioning a 3D object

02m 39s

Assigning textures

05m 15s

Coloring and painting textures

05m 17s

Adding photographic textures

02m 22s

Applying presets for materials

02m 35s

Material surface properties

04m 40s

Material limitations

01m 47s

Applying multiple textures

01m 8s

Editing placed objects

04m 35s

Editing preset-textured objects

06m 0s

Painting materials from scratch

03m 21s

Painting bump textures

02m 4s

Painting transparency

04m 3s

Painting on material windows

03m 7s

Painting on complex surfaces

06m 14s

Chapter: Working with Multiple Objects

Combining 3D layers

04m 5s

Duplicating objects

01m 19s

Instanced objects

02m 13s

Chapter: Refraction, Reflection, and Transparency

Creating transparency

06m 31s

Refraction by number

04m 59s

Reflections on the ground

02m 35s

Reflection between objects

02m 3s

Image-based lighting

03m 14s

Chapter: Combining Models with Photographs

Interaction: Moving viewpoint

01m 40s

Interaction with layer masks

02m 20s

Interaction with cross sections

04m 6s

Offsetting cross sections

02m 45s

Integrating models into the scene

08m 20s

Integrating with Vanishing Point

05m 43s

Animating 3D objects

07m 9s

Refracting the background

07m 54s

Chapter: Special Projects

Book building

10m 33s

Dancing the twist

07m 2s

Filling a wine glass

06m 6s

Complex material matching

11m 41s

Divide and rule

07m 46s

Chapter: 3D Printing

Preparing 3D printing

01m 42s

The 3D print dialog

04m 2s

Sending to print

01m 22s

Printing the object

01m 21s

Flattening the base

02m 38s

Scaffolding and rafts

04m 22s


04m 8s