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Table of Contents

Chapter: Overview of Aerial Photography/Videography Gear


02m 45s

Intro to drone types

00m 43s

Multicopters: toys, prosumer, professional

03m 5s

FPV Gear: traditional, integrated, experimental

02m 6s

Drone types conclusion

00m 40s

Chapter: Maintenance, Setup, and Pre-flight Prep

Intro to pre-flight

00m 41s

Battery handling, charging, and storage

01m 56s

Updating firmware, calibration, testing

01m 34s

Pre-flight checklist

09m 59s

Traveling and storage

01m 26s

Maintenance conclusion

00m 40s

Chapter: DJI Software and Applications Basics

Intro to DJI software and apps

01m 40s

Pilot application and camera settings overview

03m 27s

Using the controls

02m 9s

Enabling and using mulitple flight modes

03m 45s

DJI conclusion

00m 39s

Chapter: Flight Basics

Intro to flight basics

00m 30s

Takeoffs and landings

02m 25s

Monitoring your flight with OSD and FPV for safety

03m 2s

Flight exercises to practice control and orientation

08m 4s

Flight safety and return to home

06m 57s

Enabling and explaining beginner mode

01m 4s

Flight basics conclusion

00m 41s

Chapter: Setting up Photographic and Cinematic Shots

Intro to cinematic shots

00m 30s

Choosing flight locations

01m 14s

Drone positioning and composition for landscape photos

01m 57s

Cinematic (video) shot toolkit

02m 33s

Description of shots in beauty reel

01m 34s

The future of photography and videography using drones

02m 11s

Conclusion and credits

03m 9s