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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Beginning Open Source Development on Linux: Introduction

02m 15s

Chapter: Lesson 1: Open Source Software

Learning objectives

00m 19s

1.1 Understand Open Source

07m 34s

1.2 Open Source licensing

07m 9s

Chapter: Lesson 2: Introduction to Linux

Learning objectives

00m 18s

2.1 Access a Linux system

05m 21s

2.2 Use the GUI

05m 57s

2.3 Understand command-line execution: Advantages and basics

07m 10s

2.4 Understand command-line execution: Getting help

06m 39s

Lesson 2 Exercise

00m 27s

Lesson 2 Exercise Solution

01m 1s

Chapter: Lesson 3: The Linux Filesystem

Learning objectives

00m 19s

3.1 Understand the filesystem

09m 7s

3.2 Navigate the filesystem

08m 25s

3.3 Manage the filesystem: Key commands

10m 41s

3.4 Manage the filesystem: Wildcards

06m 4s

3.5 Manage the filesystem: Redirection

07m 47s

Lesson 3 Exercise

01m 2s

Lesson 3 Exercise Solution

02m 25s

Chapter: Lesson 4: Essential Linux Commands

Learning objectives

00m 17s

4.1 Explore command-line tools: Viewing files

07m 12s

4.2 Explore command-line tools: Finding files

04m 24s

4.3 Explore command-line tools: Comparing files

03m 3s

4.4 Explore command-line tools: Shell features

07m 19s

4.5 Examine test editors

07m 50s

4.6 Manage data

09m 30s

4.7 Examine text editors

06m 47s

Lesson 4 Exercise

02m 49s

Lesson 4 Exercise Solution

06m 55s

Chapter: Lesson 5: Essential Linux System Administration Tasks

Learning objectives

00m 18s

5.1 Grasp essential tasks

10m 13s

5.2 Manage user accounts

04m 51s

Lesson 5 Exercise

01m 6s

Lesson 5 Exercise Solution

02m 34s

Chapter: Lesson 6: Linux Programming Languages

Learning objectives

00m 18s

6.1 Examine scripting languages

05m 35s

6.2 Examine structured languages

04m 7s

Lesson 6 Exercise

01m 58s

Lesson 6 Exercise 6 Solution

03m 9s

Chapter: Lesson 7: Bash Shell Scripting

Learning objectives

00m 17s

7.1 Understand shell scripting basics

06m 59s

7.2 Explore flow control

11m 36s

7.3 Interact with the user

04m 45s

Lesson 7 Exercise

00m 36s

Lesson 7 Exercise Solution

02m 30s

Chapter: Lesson 8: Perl Scripting

Learning objectives

00m 19s

8.1 Understand Perl scripting basics

08m 25s

8.2 Utilize flow control in Perl

08m 55s

8.3 Explore additional Perl features

11m 2s

Lesson 8 Exercise

00m 24s

Lesson 8 Exercise Solution

01m 42s

Chapter: Lesson 9: Python Scripting

Learning objectives

00m 17s

9.1 Understand Python scripting basics

06m 46s

9.2 Utilize flow control in Python

06m 25s

9.3 Explore additional Python features

08m 44s

Lesson 9 Exercise

00m 36s

Lesson 9 Exercise Solution

02m 7s

Chapter: Lesson 10: C, C++, and Java

Learning objectives

00m 21s

10.1 Understand system libraries

07m 27s

10.2 Build packages

04m 8s

10.3 Explore Java installation and basics

05m 5s

Lesson 10 Exercise

00m 28s

Lesson 10 Exercise Solution

01m 53s

Chapter: Lesson 11: GIT Essentials

Learning objectives

00m 19s

11.1 Understand revision control concepts

06m 20s

11.2 Install GIT

00m 42s

11.3 Understand GIT concepts and features

11m 30s

Lesson 11 Exercise

00m 49s

Lesson 11 Exercise Solution

02m 59s

Chapter: Lesson 12: File Management with GIT

Learning objectives

00m 24s

12.1 Stage and commit

10m 49s

12.2 Handle branches

08m 15s

Lesson 12 Exercise

01m 26s

Lesson 12 Exercise Solution

05m 16s

Chapter: Lesson 13: Manage Differences in Files

Learning objectives

00m 20s

13.1 Execute diffs

07m 37s

13.2 Merge files: Basics

04m 36s

13.3 Merge files: Resolving merging conflicts

09m 3s

Lesson 13 Exercise

00m 47s

Chapter: Lesson 14: Advanced GIT Features

Learning objectives

00m 18s

14.1 Manage repositories

07m 9s

14.2 Implement patching

02m 4s

Lesson 14 Exercise

01m 21s

Chapter: Summary

Beginning Open Source Development on Linux: Summary

00m 24s