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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Beginning Linux System Administration: Introduction

01m 30s

Chapter: Lesson 1: Getting Started with Linux

Learning objectives

00m 26s

1.1 Choosing the Right Linux for You

06m 18s

1.2 Starting Easy: Getting Linux from AWS

04m 59s

1.3 Understanding Linux System Administration Tasks

04m 17s

Chapter: Lesson 2: Installing Linux

Learning objectives

00m 30s

2.1 Installing Ubuntu Linux

08m 17s

2.2 Installing CentOS

07m 1s

2.3 Understanding Linux Deployment in Corporate Environments

01m 34s

Chapter: Lesson 3: Connecting to Linux

Learning objectives

00m 22s

3.1 Connecting as Different Users

01m 17s

3.2 Logging in Using a Local Console

03m 35s

3.3 Connecting to Linux using SSH

02m 10s

3.4 Connecting to Linux from Windows

02m 57s

Chapter: Lesson 4: Using an Editor

Learning objectives

00m 24s

4.1 The Importance of Using Editors

01m 49s

4.2 Using vi

03m 21s

4.3 Using nano

02m 18s

Chapter: Lesson 5: Working with Files

Learning objectives

00m 35s

5.1 Understanding Linux Directory Structures

06m 52s

5.2 Listing Files

04m 33s

5.3 Looking at File Contents

02m 47s

5.4 Copying, Moving, and Removing Files

03m 26s

5.5 Understanding Links

05m 3s

Chapter: Lesson 6: Managing Users and Groups

Learning objectives

00m 22s

6.1 Understanding User and Group Accounts

03m 23s

6.2 Creating Users and Groups

05m 17s

6.3 Managing Passwords

04m 33s

Chapter: Lesson 7: Managing Permissions

Learning objectives

00m 20s

7.1 Applying Ownership

04m 40s

7.2 Managing Read, Write, and Execute Permissions

04m 53s

Chapter: Lesson 8: Managing Processes

Learning objectives

00m 24s

8.1 Understanding Processes

02m 54s

8.2 Monitoring Processes

08m 35s

8.3 Managing Processes

06m 36s

8.4 Starting Processes Automatically

04m 45s

8.5 Scheduling Processes

03m 20s

Chapter: Lesson 9: Managing Software on Linux

Learning objectives

00m 29s

9.1 Software Installation versus Deployment

01m 52s

9.2 Managing RPM-based Software Packages

06m 57s

9.3 Managing APT-based Software Packages

03m 9s

Chapter: Lesson 10: Working with Logs

Learning objectives

00m 26s

10.1 Reading Log Files

03m 33s

10.2 Understanding Where to Find Logs

03m 19s

10.3 Using journalctl

03m 1s

Chapter: Lesson 11: Applying Basic Security

Learning objectives

00m 25s

11.1 Configuring a Firewall

06m 37s

11.2 Applying SSH Security

03m 39s

11.3 Understanding SELinux

06m 23s

Chapter: Lesson 12: Managing Services

Learning objectives

00m 32s

12.1 Configuring an Apache Web Server

02m 55s

12.2 Configuring an FTP Server

04m 11s

12.3 Setting up a Samba Server

06m 56s

12.4 Working with KVM Virtualization

05m 52s

Chapter: Summary

Beginning Linux System Administration: Summary

00m 50s