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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

ASP.NET MVC 5 LiveLessons: Introduction

06m 32s

Chapter: Lesson 1: ASP.NET MVC Programming Fundamentals

Learning Objectives

00m 44s

1.1 Build a basic controller

13m 33s

1.2 Handle querystring variables

03m 41s

1.3 Handle form posts

06m 42s

Chapter: Lesson 2: View Fundamentals

Learning Objectives

00m 39s

2.1 Understand view basics

06m 36s

2.2 Build views using Razor

14m 32s

2.3 Use view helpers

10m 15s

2.4 Customize Razor views: Layout sections and strongly-typed views

04m 58s

Chapter: Lesson 3: Model Fundamentals

Learning Objectives

00m 39s

3.1 Model your domain

07m 22s

3.2 Pass data to the view

13m 52s

3.3 Use strongly-typed models

16m 17s

Chapter: Lesson 4: Routing

Learning Objectives

00m 37s

4.1 Design route URLs

08m 39s

4.2 Route a URL to a controller

07m 13s

4.3 Create dynamic routes

05m 54s

4.4 Generate URLs from routes

04m 17s

Chapter: Lesson 5: Controllers in Depth

Learning Objectives

00m 38s

5.1 Extend controllers with filters

14m 10s

5.2 Extend controllers with action results

11m 40s

5.3 Test MVC applications

11m 32s

Chapter: Lesson 6: Model in Depth

Learning Objectives

00m 51s

6.1 Use model binding

09m 18s

6.2 Extend the model binding with value providers

10m 52s

6.3 Build view-specific models with AutoMapper

15m 4s

Chapter: Lesson 7: Views in Depth

Learning Objectives

00m 49s

7.1 Manage code duplication

04m 26s

7.2 Use partial views for common page sections

06m 55s

7.3 Assemble complex pages with child actions

07m 20s

7.4 Organize large applications with areas

07m 31s

7.5 Develop MVC for the iPad and iPhone with responsive design

09m 49s

7.6 Target and test iPad and iPhone with mobile display modes

09m 41s

Chapter: Lesson 8: Templates and Validation

Learning Objectives

00m 38s

8.1 Build consistent forms with templated helpers

10m 14s

8.2 Control selection of editor and display templates

06m 58s

8.3 Customizing templates

06m 9s

8.4 Validate user input with DataAnnotations and ModelState

07m 53s

Chapter: Lesson 9: HTML5, Scripting, and Single Page Applications (SPA)

Learning Objectives

00m 42s

9.1 Apply jQuery for html features

07m 36s

9.2 Enable unobtrusive javascript validation for forms

10m 45s

9.3 Add ajax callbacks easily with AjaxHelper

07m 3s

Chapter: Lesson 10: Web Services with Web API 2

Learning Objectives

00m 43s

10.1 Use the fundamentals of HTTP

10m 31s

10.2 Create web services with Web API and MVC

12m 18s

10.3 Use Web API for jQuery ajax calls

08m 1s

Chapter: Summary

ASP.NET MVC 5 LiveLessons: Summary

02m 52s