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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Introduction to Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) LiveLessons

06m 24s

Chapter: Part I

Basic BGP Configuration

00m 51s

Chapter: Lesson 1: Basic BGP Concepts

Learning objectives

00m 49s

1.1 Inter-domain concepts

10m 10s

1.2 Inter-domain routing

10m 56s

Lesson 1 Summary

02m 15s

Chapter: Lesson 2: Configuring an EBGP Session

Learning objectives

00m 52s

2.1 Basic elements for establishing a simple BGP session between two peers

12m 3s

2.2 Understanding “show” commands and BGP session states

18m 7s

Lesson 2 Summary

01m 41s

Chapter: Lesson 3: Configuring an IBGP Session

Learning objectives

00m 35s

3.1 Understanding a BGP session between peers in the same AS are discussed

14m 46s

3.2 Using a topology with multiple routers within the same AS

09m 55s

Lesson 3 Summary

02m 32s

Chapter: Lesson 4: Configuring Multihop EBGP

Learning objectives

00m 39s

4.1 Using multihop EBGP

13m 48s

4.2 Configuring Multihop EBGP

09m 14s

Lesson 4 Summary

02m 5s

Chapter: Lesson 5: Route Exchange over BGP

Learning objectives

00m 34s

5.1 Understanding methods for specifying prefixes to be advertised over a BGP session

16m 31s

5.2 The routing information databases (RIBs) used by BGP

19m 22s

Lesson 5 Summary

01m 59s

Chapter: Lesson 6: Route Aggregation

Learning objectives

00m 33s

6.1 Methods for advertising aggregated prefixes

16m 24s

6.2 Route Aggregation

10m 51s

Lesson 6 Summary

01m 2s

Chapter: Part II

BGP Policy

00m 38s

Chapter: Lesson 7: Basic BGP Policy Concepts

Learning objectives

00m 49s

7.1 BGP Attributes

06m 58s

7.2 The Decision

06m 34s

Lesson 7 Summary

01m 44s

Chapter: Lesson 8: Route and Prefix Filters

Learning objectives

00m 28s

8.1 Using Prefix filters

12m 56s

8.2 Using Route filters

16m 36s

Lesson 8 Summary

01m 15s

Chapter: Lesson 9: AS_Path Filters

Learning objectives

00m 34s

9.1 Using AS_PATH filters and their application

18m 19s

9.2: Configuring AS_PATH filters

17m 2s

Lesson 9 Summary

01m 17s

Chapter: Lesson 10: Route Maps

Learning objectives

00m 29s

10.1 Understanding Route Maps as a primary tool for specifying route policies and manipulating BGP path attributes

09m 47s

10.2 Understanding the basic building blocks of route maps

20m 13s

Lesson 10 Summary

01m 38s

Chapter: Lesson 11: Using the LOCAL_PREF Attribute

Learning objectives

00m 19s

11:1: Using the LOCAL_PREF attribute

02m 48s

11.2: Configuring LOCAL_PREF

11m 21s

Lesson 11 Summary

00m 40s

Chapter: Lesson 12: Using the MED Attribute

Learning objectives

00m 26s

12.1 Using the MED attribute

04m 9s

12.2 Configuring the MED attribute

10m 31s

Lesson 12 Summary

00m 52s

Chapter: Lesson 13: AS_PATH Prepending

Learning objectives

00m 25s

13.1 Understanding AS_PATH prepending

06m 0s

13.2 Configuring an AS_PATH prepending policy

08m 46s

Lesson 13 Summary

00m 54s

Chapter: Lesson 14: Basic BGP Scaling Concepts

BGP Scaling

00m 57s

Learning objectives

00m 37s

14.1 Understanding basic scaling tools

05m 25s

Lesson 14 Summary

00m 57s

Chapter: Lesson 15: Managing Policy Changes

Learning objectives

00m 24s

15.1 Using BGP session resets destabilizing BGP and the BGP route refresh message

10m 17s

Lesson 15 Summary

01m 56s

Chapter: Lesson 16: BGP Communities

Learning objectives

00m 24s

16.1 Understanding the community attribute

14m 16s

16.2 Understanding configuration of policies

28m 45s

Lesson 16 Summary

02m 8s

Chapter: Lesson 17: Session and Policy Templates

Learning objectives

00m 37s

17.1 Using peer groups, configuration, and the problem with peer groups

13m 1s

17.2 Session templates

08m 47s

17.3 Policy templates

10m 53s

Lesson 17 Summary

02m 9s

Chapter: Lesson 18: Using Private AS Numbers

Learning objectives

00m 26s

18.1 Understanding Private AS Numbers

08m 17s

18.2 Filtering Private AS Numbers

03m 17s

Lesson 18 Summary

02m 12s

Chapter: Lesson 19: Route Reflectors

Learning objectives

00m 47s

19.1 Introducing route reflectors

15m 13s

19.2 Configuring a basic route reflection group cluster

04m 14s

Lesson 19 Summary

00m 45s

Chapter: Lesson 20: Confederations

Learning objectives

00m 31s

20.1 Introducing confederations as another tool for scaling IBGP topologies

07m 56s

20.2 Configuring a simple confederation

22m 18s

Lesson 20 Summary

00m 43s

Chapter: Lesson 21: Route Dampening

Learning objectives

00m 28s

21.1 Introducing confederations as another tool for scaling IBGP topologies

06m 39s

21.2 Configuring a simple confederation

06m 55s

Lesson 21 Summary

00m 40s

Chapter: Lesson 22: Multiprotocol BGP (MBGP)

Learning objectives

01m 27s

22.1: Introduction to M-BGP

04m 26s

22.2: Configuring M-BGP

29m 32s

Lesson 22 Summary

00m 33s

Chapter: Summary

Summary of Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) LiveLessons

01m 34s