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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

CCIE Collaboration Lab: Introduction

01m 16s

Chapter: CCIE Collaboration Lab Videos

Module 1: Mapping Out Your Day

42m 30s

Module 2: Doing EVERYTHING on Switch SW1

26m 54s

Module 3: Configuring Router HQ (Part 1 of 2)

41m 23s

Module 4: Configuring Router HQ (Part 2 of 2)

41m 21s

Module 5: Configuring Router BR1

14m 42s

Module 6: Configuring Router BR2 (Part 1 of 2)

50m 57s

Module 7: Configuring Router BR2 (Part 2 of 2)

41m 47s

Module 8: Configuring Cisco Unity Express (CUE)

38m 44s

Module 9: Basic CUCM Configuration

04m 48s

Module 10: H.323 GW, MGCP GW, and SIP Trunk Configuration

16m 30s

Module 11: HQ and BR1 Call Routing

46m 25s

Module 12: Number Globalization/Localization, URI Dialing, and Video Conferencing

39m 44s

Module 13: Cisco Unity Connection (CUC) Base Configuration and Customization

43m 12s

Module 14: Doing EVERYTHING on Cisco Unified Contact Center Express (UCCX)

45m 55s

Module 15: Doing EVERYTHING on Cisco IM and Presence Server

28m 41s

Module 16: Verification

52m 0s

Chapter: Summary

CCIE Collaboration Lab: Summary

01m 29s

Chapter: Bonus Videos

BONUS Video #1: Your Framework for Success

12m 39s

BONUS Video #2: Constructing Your Collaboration Home Lab

19m 47s

BONUS Video #3: Troubleshooting—The Deal-Breaker

24m 23s

BONUS Video #4: Simplifying Cisco Catalyst 3560/3750 QoS

37m 37s

BONUS Video #5: CUCMv9 Update—Enterprise License Manager

08m 1s

BONUS Video #6: CUCMv9 Update—Influencing Codec Selection

07m 8s

BONUS Video #7: CUCMv9 Update—Adding a Pause to Speed Dials

06m 47s

BONUS Video #8: CUCMv9 Update—Configuring Call Queuing

07m 51s

BONUS Video #9: CUCMv9 Update—URI Dialing

03m 19s

BONUS Video #10: CUCMv9 Update—Location Enhancements

13m 9s

BONUS Video #11: CUCMv9 Update—CTI Extend and Connect

05m 47s

BONUS Video #12: CUCMv9 Update—Support for LDAP and Manually Added Users

03m 33s

BONUS Video #13: CUCMv9 Update—User Interface Updates

05m 24s