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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Cisco CCNA Data Center DCICT 640-916 LiveLessons: Introduction

07m 7s

Chapter: Lesson 1: Fundamental Data Center Concepts

Learning Objectives

01m 32s

1.1 Introduction to Data Center LANs

07m 25s

1.2 Defining the Purpose and Function of Various Network Devices

09m 41s

1.3 Introduction to Storage Area Networks (SANs)

04m 32s

1.4 Examining SAN Fabric High Availability

02m 34s

1.5 Understanding the Edge/Core Layers of the SAN

07m 52s

1.6 Understanding Fiber Channel over Ethernet

06m 8s

1.7 Examining the Protocols that Support Fiber Channel over Ethernet

04m 8s

Chapter: Lesson 2 : Fundamental Data Center Design

Learning Objectives

01m 10s

2.1 Understanding the Modular Approach in DC Network Design

02m 44s

2.2 Examining the Core Model

02m 9s

2.3 Examining the Aggregation Model

01m 53s

2.4 Examining the Collapsed Core Model

02m 53s

2.5 Examining the Access Model

02m 3s

2.6 Introduction to Data Center Interconnect (DCI)

06m 9s

2.7 Differentiation Between DCI and Network Interconnectivity

02m 53s

Chapter: Lesson 3: Introduction to the Nexus Switching Portfolio

Learning Objectives

01m 10s

3.1 Examining the Cisco Nexus Modular Switches

14m 44s

3.2 Examining the Cisco Fixed Configuration Switches

06m 52s

3.3 Examining the Cisco FEX Products

07m 5s

3.4 Understanding Control and Data Plane Traffic

04m 2s

3.5 Examining Nexus Virtualization Features

06m 28s

3.6 Examining Nexus Licensing

03m 2s

Chapter: Lesson 4: Advanced Nexus Features

Learning Objectives

01m 27s

4.1 Understanding virtual Device Context (VDC)

05m 27s

4.2 Understanding Port Channel Functionality

04m 18s

4.3 Exploring vPC and Its Components

05m 22s

4.4 Understanding How a vPC Functions

04m 38s

4.5 Understanding Virtual Routing and Forwarding (VRF)

03m 22s

4.6 Introduction to FabricPath

02m 15s

4.7 Understanding FabricPath Switch IDs and Trees

04m 8s

Chapter: Lesson 5: Nexus Switch Feature Configuration

Learning Objectives

01m 24s

5.1 Performing Initial Setup and Verifying Connectivity

11m 59s

5.2 Enabling Features

05m 45s

5.3 Configuring VDCs

09m 6s

5.4 Configuring Fabric Extenders (FEXs)

04m 50s

5.5 Configuring Port Channels

09m 38s

5.6 Configuring vPC

07m 25s

5.7 Verifying vPC

05m 29s

5.8 Configuring FabricPath

07m 11s

Chapter: Lesson 6: Introduction to Storage Networking Concepts

Learning Objectives

01m 36s

6.1 Defining a Storage Network

08m 42s

6.2 Exploring Storage Network Services

05m 31s

6.3 Understanding Initiators and Targets

02m 29s

6.4 Examining Devices Connected to the SAN

05m 25s

6.5 Examining Storage Array Connectivity

05m 42s

6.6 Understanding How Switches Connect to the SAN

07m 49s

6.7 Examining VSANs

06m 19s

6.8 Understanding Zoning

05m 38s

Chapter: Lesson 7: Storage Networking Configuration

Learning Objectives

01m 25s

7.1 Performing Initial Storage Networking Setup

14m 0s

7.2 Configuring VSANs

06m 34s

7.3 Verifying VSANs

04m 56s

7.4 Configuring Switch Ports

14m 21s

7.5 Verifying Name Server Login

11m 21s

7.6 Configuring Zoning

07m 37s

7.7 Verifying Zoning

08m 26s

7.8 Verifying SAN Switch Operations

05m 36s

Chapter: Lesson 8: Data Center Unified Fabric

Learning Objectives

01m 16s

8.1 Understanding FCoE

04m 38s

8.2 Comparing/Contrasting FC and FCoE

04m 43s

8.3 Understanding FCoE Multihop

06m 16s

8.4 Understanding VFCs

02m 31s

8.5 Performing Initial FCoE Setup

03m 45s

8.6 Configuring FCoE

09m 24s

8.7 Configuring FCoE Multihop

07m 15s

Chapter: Lesson 9: Introduction to Unified Computing Concepts

Learning Objectives

01m 27s

9.1 Defining UCS

08m 36s

9.2 Exploring UCS Features

05m 27s

9.3 Understanding Stateless Computing

02m 55s

9.4 Understanding Service Policies

02m 41s

9.5 Examining How UCS Connects to the LAN and SAN

06m 7s

9.6 Exploring UCS Manager Key Features

03m 28s

9.7 Understanding How Discovery Works

02m 6s

Chapter: Lesson 10: Unified Computing Configuration

Learning Objectives

01m 19s

10.1 Performing Intital UCS Setup

03m 56s

10.2 Configuring Server, LAN, and SAN Connectivity

10m 59s

10.3 Verifying Server, LAN, and SAN Connectivity

07m 50s

10.4 Verifying Discovery Operations

05m 24s

10.5 Exploring the UCS Manager GUI

02m 23s

10.6 Configuring a Service Profile

16m 25s

Chapter: Lesson 11: Data Center Virtualization

Learning Objectives

01m 1s

11.1 Understanding Device Virtualization

01m 31s

11.2 Understanding Server Virtualization

07m 12s

11.3 Examining the Nexus 1000v

04m 46s

11.4 Verifying Initial Setup and Operation for the Nexus 1000v

05m 50s

Chapter: Lesson 12: Data Center Network Services

Learning Objectives

01m 40s

12.1 Understanding the Need for Load Balancers

04m 3s

12.2 Examining Standard ACE Features for Load Balancing

04m 46s

12.3 Examining Server Load Balancing Virtual Contexts and HA

04m 7s

12.4 Examining Server Load Balancing Management Options

03m 11s

12.5 Exploring the Benefits of the Cisco Global Load Balancing Solution

03m 31s

12.6 Examining the Integration Between the Cisco Global and Local Load Balancing Solutions

01m 32s

12.7 Understanding WAN Optimization

05m 23s

Chapter: Summary

Cisco CCNA Data Center DCICT 640-916 LiveLessons: Summary

01m 48s