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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction to UNIX


01m 4s

What is UNIX?

00m 41s


02m 59s

Structure of a Command

01m 19s

Chapter: Navigating in UNIX

UNIX Syntax Cheat Sheet

03m 14s


03m 46s

POSIX Permissions

02m 57s

Permissions in CLI vs GUI

01m 52s

Useful Commands and Using Man Pages

03m 34s

What Is the Root User?

01m 29s

Root User and Shortcuts

05m 9s

Using Root to Access Other User Directories

02m 10s

The Root Shell

01m 46s

Enabling the Root User in GUI

01m 32s

Useful UNIX Shortcuts

07m 9s

Chapter: Finding and Editing Items

Performing Searches in UNIX

04m 47s

Command Line Editors in UNIX

04m 12s

Chapter: Scripting

Scripting 101

01m 30s

Creating and Executing a Shell Script

10m 13s

Chapter: Remote Connections

Overview of SSH

02m 7s

Connect to a Remote Device Using SSH

03m 2s

Running Useful UNIX Commands Remotely

02m 6s

UNIX & Apple Remote Desktop

05m 15s

Chapter: Advanced: Modifying the Sudoers File

Modifying the Sudoers File

03m 50s