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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

D3 Visualization LiveLessons: Introduction

04m 42s

Chapter: Lesson 1: Welcome to the World of D3

Learning Objectives

00m 50s

1.1 Appreciate the beauty of D3

10m 25s

1.2 Take a tour of D3’s code, documentation, and ecosystem

04m 14s

1.3 Download the tools you’ll need to use D3

04m 34s

Chapter: Lesson 2: Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG)

Learning Objectives

01m 11s

2.1 Understand what SVG is

04m 36s

2.2 Understand the connection between SVG and D3

02m 44s

2.3 Make basic graphics in your browser using SVG markup

12m 25s

2.4 Learn more about what SVG can do

13m 16s

2.5 Use SVG to make a bar chart for the web

28m 25s

Chapter: Lesson 3: Using Selections in D3

Learning Objectives

00m 52s

3.1 Create a D3-enabled web page

02m 44s

3.2 Use selections in D3 to change the contents of a web page

09m 54s

3.3 Chain methods and select multiple elements

10m 34s

3.4 Create a web page from scratch with D3 selections

06m 18s

Chapter: Lesson 4: Data-Joins, the Heart and Soul of D3

Learning Objectives

00m 54s

4.1 Bind data to DOM elements using D3

08m 1s

4.2 Use data-joins to create DOM elements from data

11m 21s

4.3 Build a bar chart using data-joins

27m 37s

Chapter: Lesson 5: Scales and Axes

Learning Objectives

00m 48s

5.1 Write linear scale functions in D3

09m 26s

5.2 Set up charts the Mike Bostock way

10m 31s

5.3 Create axes the easy way

14m 16s

5.4 Make non-linear scales and axes: part 1

16m 51s

5.4 Make non-linear scales and axes: part 2

12m 25s

5.4 Make non-linear scales and axes: part 3

16m 0s

Chapter: Lesson 6: Loading and Manipulating External Data

Learning Objectives

00m 47s

6.1 Load and filter data from a CSV file

15m 48s

6.2 Handle asynchronous requests

12m 13s

Chapter: Lesson 7: Making Charts Interactive and Animated

Learning Objectives

00m 34s

7.1 Add animated transitions to a bar chart

14m 10s

7.2 Create a web page with clickable buttons

17m 45s

Chapter: Lesson 8: Making a Small Multiple Line Chart

Learning Objectives

00m 48s

8.1 Easily build a web page with multiple charts

28m 14s

Chapter: Lesson 9: Where to Go from Here

Learning Objectives

00m 39s

9.1 Use layouts and maps in D3

06m 51s

9.2 Discover useful D3 tools and resources

04m 19s

Chapter: Summary

D3 Visualization LiveLessons: Summary

01m 35s