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Table of Contents

Chapter: Sketch Basics


01m 26s

How Sketch works: vectors versus bitmaps

01m 4s

The Sketch user interface (UI)

02m 25s

Creating content

03m 22s

Selecting content

03m 5s

Moving, resizing, reordering, duplicating, and deleting layers

01m 8s

Zooming and panning

02m 36s

Styling basics

01m 24s

Viewing pixels and using a Retina display

01m 20s

Chapter: Organizing Your Drawing


03m 15s


02m 50s

Naming objects

01m 56s

Locking and hiding content

02m 3s

Tips for selecting content

02m 46s


01m 44s

Chapter: More on positioning and sizing


01m 35s

Moving and resizing using the keyboard

00m 57s

Tips for changing values in the inspector

02m 6s

Scaling proportionately

01m 19s

Smart guides and measuring

01m 49s

Alignment and distribution

01m 36s

Making grids of objects

02m 2s

Ensuring sharp edges by fitting to pixels

01m 16s

Manual alignment guides

01m 4s

Grids and layouts

02m 18s

Chapter: Styling

More on using the Color panel

02m 50s

Opacity and blending

01m 11s

Gradients and advanced fills

02m 42s

More on borders and lines

02m 25s


02m 26s

Text styling

01m 58s

Blurring and reflections

01m 50s

Replicating styling

02m 35s

Chapter: Reusing styling and content

Reusable styles for shapes

01m 40s

Reusable text styling

01m 23s

Reusing content with symbols

02m 36s

Chapter: Creating your own shapes

Creating your own shapes using paths

02m 40s

Advanced options and shortcuts for drawing paths

01m 54s

Joining paths, editing segments, and varying stroke width

02m 3s

Rotating, flipping, skewing, and perspective distortion

02m 12s

Combining shapes

03m 23s

Vectorizing stroke and text

01m 35s

Creating rotated copies

01m 2s

Text on a path

01m 59s

Chapter: Working with bitmaps

Adding bitmaps

00m 58s

Editing bitmap content

02m 13s

Styling and adjusting bitmaps

01m 28s


03m 25s

Masking bitmaps with flexible proportions

02m 42s

Converting between vectors and bitmaps

01m 32s

Nine-slice images

01m 21s

Chapter: Exporting

Exporting artboards

01m 52s

Exporting layers and groups

01m 32s

Exporting arbitrary regions with slices

02m 15s

Export options

01m 21s

More export options

01m 45s

Drag & drop export

00m 38s

Copying CSS attributes

00m 47s