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Table of Contents

Chapter: Working with Adobe Digital Video Tools


01m 54s

Getting Started in Adobe Creative Cloud

02m 21s

Understanding the User Interface

03m 5s

Working with Media Files and Linking Media

02m 20s

Using Dynamic Link

02m 21s

Chapter: Organizing Media Files and Planning Your Project

Previewing Media and Adding Metadata

03m 0s

Working in Adobe Prelude

04m 27s

Using Adobe Story

02m 40s

Chapter: Creating a Basic Edit

Creating a Project, Importing Media, and Creating Bins in Adobe Premiere Pro

06m 37s

Viewing Footage and Reviewing Audio

02m 22s

Interpreting Footage and Changing the Frame Rate

02m 16s

Using Markers

02m 24s

Creating Subclips

03m 9s

Creating a Sequence

03m 14s

Working in the Timeline

04m 49s

Adding B-Roll

03m 21s

Using Snap

01m 5s

Chapter: Advanced Editing Techniques

Setting Up for Advanced Editing

04m 33s

Trimming Clips and Refining the Edit in the Timeline

06m 13s

Working with RED footage

05m 0s

Adding Transitions

01m 52s

Creating Effects in Premiere Pro

03m 10s

Adding Titles with the Adobe Premiere Pro Title tool

05m 23s

Stabilizing Footage with Warp Stabilizer

02m 57s

Rendering Your Timeline

02m 33s

Chapter: Motion Graphics and Visual Effects

Touring the After Effects Interface

02m 44s

Creating a Motion Graphic with After Effects

09m 0s

Using Illustrator to create lower thirds

05m 44s

Creating a Composition in After Effects

06m 12s

Animating Text in After Effects

08m 42s

Chapter: Advanced Still and Motion Graphics Techniques

Creating the Composition and Advanced Type Design in After Effects

08m 13s

Creating Static and Animated Masks in After Effects

04m 40s

Creating 3D Extrusions in After Effects

02m 15s

Precomposing Compositions and Using the 3D Camera in After Effects

05m 24s

Using Transfer Modes and Animated Effects in After Effects

06m 0s

Working with AdjustmentLlayers in AE

02m 3s

Setting a Proxy for an After Effects Composition

03m 51s

After Effects Live 3D Pipeline with Cinema 4D Lite

03m 4s

Chapter: Working with Audio

Using the Audio Tools in Adobe Premiere Pro

07m 0s

Audio Clip Editing and Keyframing in Adobe Premiere Pro

05m 20s

Using Adobe Audition

05m 9s

Removing Noise in Audition

12m 22s

Multitrack Mixing and Finishing in Adobe Audition

14m 6s

Chapter: Finishing Your Project

The Basics of Color Correction

06m 13s

Using the Three-Way Color Corrector

04m 54s

Color Correcting 4K Footage

01m 39s

Color Correcting in SpeedGrade

09m 9s

Chapter: Output for the Web and Creative Cloud

Exporting Final Output with Adobe Premiere Pro

11m 8s

Uploading and Sharing Your Project Using Creative Cloud

03m 32s