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Table of Contents

Chapter: FileVault 1 vs FileVault 2


00m 34s

Similar names, different beasts

00m 26s

FileVault 1 strengths and weaknesses

00m 20s

Back to the drawing board

00m 36s

Chapter: FileVault 2 Basics

How FileVault 2 works

00m 35s

FileVault 2 and Recovery HD

00m 32s

Enabling FileVault 2 for personal use (demo)

03m 15s

Using the Personal Recovery Key to reset passwords

00m 53s

Institutional deployment

02m 27s

Creating an Institutional Recovery Key

00m 55s

Building an Institutional Recovery Key (demo)

04m 13s

Deploying an Institutional Recovery Key

00m 15s

Disaster recovery

01m 58s

Unlocking a FileVault 2 encrypted drive (demo)

02m 12s

Chapter: FileVault 2 Under the Hood

Cryptographic keys and FileVault 2

03m 49s

Chapter: fdesetup

Introduction to fdesetup

01m 23s

fdesetup enable

12m 13s

fdesetup disable

00m 13s

fdesetup add

00m 59s

fdesetup list

00m 16s

fdesetup remove

00m 25s

fdesetup changerecovery

04m 53s

fdesetup removerecovery

02m 26s

fdesetup sync

00m 38s

fdesetup authrestart

01m 28s

Chapter: FileVault 2 Beyond the Basics

FileVault 2's guest user

01m 31s

Remote locking and wiping

04m 0s

Disabling FileVault 2's automated user login

01m 4s

Chapter: In Conclusion

Limitations, FileVault and the Law, and Tips

02m 30s