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Table of Contents

Chapter: Important First Points


02m 40s

Introduction to the Console

03m 35s

Local Server Configuration

03m 9s

Workspace Configuration

07m 46s

A Brief Discussion of Optimization

04m 11s

Chapter: Variables and Objects

Global Scope and the Window object

05m 12s

Variable Types

09m 18s

Undefined vs Null

02m 42s

Variable Scope and Hoisting

09m 17s

Implicit Coersion in JavaScript

13m 44s

String and String Methods

10m 29s


09m 32s

Arrays and Array Methods

07m 20s

Using typeof and instanceOf

05m 47s

Random Numbers

03m 49s

Chapter: Operators, Loops, and Conditionals

Incrementing/Decrementing and Assignment Operators

05m 40s

The Ternary Operator

07m 24s

Boolean Logic

08m 5s

Boolean Operators in Assignment Operations

05m 31s

For Loops

08m 37s

While and Do While

06m 36s

Using Break and Continue

05m 4s

For...In Loops

06m 54s

Chapter: Advanced Functions

Arguments and Configuration

11m 34s

What Is "this"

08m 9s

Using new

05m 9s

Call, Apply, and Bind

09m 29s

Functions and Hoisting

03m 54s

Immediately-Invoked Function Expression

05m 34s


11m 38s

Solving the Closure Loop Issue

11m 38s

Prototypes and Prototypal Inheritance

12m 56s

Using call and apply from Object Prototypes

06m 49s

Chapter: JavaScript in the Wild

Exploring jQuery's Source

08m 0s

Exploring jQuery's Source (continued)

08m 8s

A Taste of Angular

11m 13s

A Taste of Angular (continued)

03m 54s

A Taste of Node

10m 59s