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Table of Contents

Chapter: How and Why to Experiment With Adjustment Layers and Blending Modes


03m 57s

Images Are Data

02m 44s

Building an Experiment File

07m 19s

Self Blends

06m 24s

Extended Information

05m 45s

Combining Tools

05m 6s

Chapter: Basic Retouching Techniques

Color Correction

07m 43s

Color Effects

08m 6s

Zone Control with Gradient Maps

05m 57s

Painting on Masks

07m 21s

Chapter: Dodge & Burn Techniques

Using Blending Modes

08m 37s

Using Adjustment Layers

13m 57s

Creating Vignettes and Borders

09m 39s

Chapter: Advanced Retouching

Frequency Separation

07m 43s

Channels as Adjustment Layer Masks

06m 4s

Smart Objects as Masks

09m 40s

Chapter: Toning Techniques

B&W Adjustments

07m 43s

Color Lookup Tables

06m 21s

Chapter: Special Effects

Clone Stamp Blending

08m 10s

Soft Glow / Orton Effect

04m 20s


06m 55s

Texture Blending

07m 57s

Dry Ink Brush

04m 32s

Chapter: Final Project

Final Project

14m 43s