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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction


01m 54s

Chapter: The Seven Drivers of Motivation

The Seven Drivers of Motivation

01m 46s

Chapter: The Need to Belong

The Science of Bonding

04m 47s

Social Validation

03m 9s

Reciprocity and Concession

05m 4s

Speaking With Your Hands & Managing Your Tone of Voice

03m 24s

Chapter: Habits

Introducing Habits, Pavlov, Classical Conditioning, and the Science of Habits

07m 40s

Three Habit Secrets

03m 36s

Chapter: The Power of Stories

Stories and Personas

09m 12s

Chapter: Carrots and Sticks

Using Carrots and Sticks as Motivators

05m 54s

The Science of Reinforcement Schedules

07m 51s

Chapter: Instincts

Food, Sex, and Fear

04m 24s

Chapter: Tricks of the Mind

Understanding the Tricks of the Mind

09m 43s

Chapter: The Desire for Mastery

Understanding Mastery

05m 21s

Chapter: Conclusion

Wrapping Up

01m 32s