Game Development Essentials II with Unity LiveLessons (Video Training)
By Mike Geig
Publisher: Pearson
Final Release Date: November 2014
Run time: 6 hours 1 minute

Game Development Essentials II with Unity LiveLessonsis aimed at teaching visual learners how to use this powerful engine to make their own games. In Volume II, Mike Geig builds on the success of his first LiveLessons to bring more intermediate level topics to the forefront so that developers can get the most out of this powerful game engine.



In this video training, Mike Geig covers key 2D and 3D game development concepts beyond the basics and scripting (programming) concepts for featured game engines. Mike covers the latest version of Unity: what's new, what's changing, and what's important.

The source code repository for this LiveLesson is broken up into multiple files for downloading; click on each lesson number to download the assets for that lesson:

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Lesson 6

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Lesson 8

About the Instructor

Mike Geigis a screencaster at Unity Technologies (the makers of the Unity game engine). Mike is also the author of Sams Teach Yourself Unity Game Developmentand the first volume of these LiveLessons.


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Skill Level

  • Intermediate
  • Advanced


What You Will Learn

  • A foundation in game development
  • Key 2D and 3D game development concepts beyond the basics
  • Scripting (programming) concepts for featured game engines
  • New and cutting edge features of the Unity game engine


Who Should Take This Course

  • Game developers looking to get the most out of Unity, the powerful game engine to develop cutting edge 2D and 3D games (both mobile and desktop)


Course Requirements

  • Should be familiar with the concepts of programming. The specific language should not be too important. Users should be familiar with the basics usage of software on their chosen operating system.
  • Should be familiar with the Unity game engine, either through experience with Volume I of this LiveLesson or some other source (Sams Teach Yourself Unity Game Development). Users should also be familiar with basic concepts of game development.
  • Should be familiar with mathematics (basic operations and coordinate systems) and game elements (players, scores, enemies, etc.). Users should know how to navigate a PC or Mac and install software.


Table of Contents

Lesson 1: Working with the 2D Game Tools

Learning Objectives:

Understand the basics of the 2D tools

Import sprite objects

Place sprites in a scene

Use basic colliders

Use the polygon collider

Lesson 2: Working with the Mecanim Animation System

Learning Objectives:

Understand the Mecanim anatomy of an animation

Prepare models for animations

Prepare animations for Mecanim

Use the animator component and animator controller

Create animation states

Create transitions

Control your animations with script

Lesson 3: Using Advanced Mecanim Features

Learning Objectives:

Work with blend trees

Use animator triggers and the Any State

Create animator layers

Use avatar masks

Lesson 4: Creating Animations in Unity

Learning Objectives:

Create your own animations

Create 2D animations

Build camera animation system

Lesson 5: Creating Particle Systems

Learning Objectives:

Understand particle systems

Work with the legacy particle systems

Use the current particle system

Work with the curve editor

Study the particle modules

Create custom particles

Script with particle systems

Lesson 6: Using Unity's New GUI System

Learning Objectives:

Use the Legacy GUI System

Work with a Canvas

Implement various GUI controls

Create various types of GUI systems

Add Mecanim animations to a GUI

Lesson 7: Scripting with Physics

Learning Objectives:

Utilize raycasting

Find colliders with an overlap sphere

Apply forces to game objects

Put it all together

Lesson 8: Building a 2D Platformer Game

Learning Objectives:

Design the game

Build the platforms

Build the player

Build the enemies

Add a background and camera tracking

Implement the player and enemy interaction

Create the player and enemy death effects

Create the finish zone

Implement the player spawn effect

Lay out the level

Add falling triggers

Add GUI elements


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