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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Game Development Essentials II with Unity LiveLessons: Introduction

01m 57s

Chapter: Lesson 1: Working with the 2D Game Tools

Learning Objectives

00m 33s

1.1 Understand the basics of the 2D tools

02m 54s

1.2 Import sprite objects

08m 40s

1.3 Place sprites in a scene

11m 36s

1.4 Use basic colliders

17m 24s

1.5 Use advanced colliders

08m 46s

Chapter: Lesson 2: Working with the Mecanim Animation System

Learning Objectives

00m 38s

2.1 Understand the Mecanim anatomy of an animation

02m 49s

2.2 Prepare models for animations

08m 11s

2.3 Prepare animations for Mecanim

12m 56s

2.4 Use the animator component and animator controller

02m 46s

2.5 Create animation states

02m 16s

2.6 Create transitions

03m 38s

2.7 Control your animations with scripts

03m 18s

Chapter: Lesson 3: Using Advanced Mecanim Features

Learning Objectives

00m 27s

3.1 Work with blend trees

11m 2s

3.2 Use animator triggers and the Any State

07m 21s

3.3 Create animator layers

04m 32s

3.4 Use avatar masks

04m 33s

Chapter: Lesson 4: Creating Animations in Unity

Learning Objectives

00m 33s

4.1 Create your own animations

12m 55s

4.2 Create 2D animations

11m 1s

4.3 Build a camera animation system

16m 36s

Chapter: Lesson 5: Creating Particle Systems

Learning Objectives

00m 36s

5.1 Understand particle systems

02m 14s

5.2 Work with the legacy particle systems

03m 10s

5.3 Use the current particle system

02m 56s

5.4 Work with the curve editor

04m 41s

5.5 Study the particle modules

25m 17s

5.6 Create custom particles

13m 0s

5.7 Script with particle systems

06m 23s

Chapter: Lesson 6: Using Unity’s New GUI System

Learning Objectives

00m 41s

6.1 Use the Legacy GUI System

03m 50s

6.2 Work with a Canvas

08m 29s

6.3 Implement various GUI controls

14m 43s

6.4 Create various types of GUI systems

08m 51s

6.5 Add Mecanim animations to a GUI

04m 42s

Chapter: Lesson 7: Scripting with Physics

Learning Objectives

00m 33s

7.1 Utilize raycasting

07m 34s

7.2 Find colliders with an overlap sphere

04m 49s

7.3 Apply forces to game objects

12m 2s

7.4 Put it all together

06m 48s

Chapter: Lesson 8: Building a 2D Platformer Game

Learning Objectives

00m 46s

8.1 Design the game

02m 1s

8.2 Build the platforms

04m 22s

8.3 Build the player

06m 18s

8.4 Build the enemies

12m 58s

8.5 Add a background and camera tracking

08m 5s

8.6 Implement the player and enemy interaction

06m 0s

8.7 Create the player and enemy death effects

06m 12s

8.8 Create the finish zones

05m 26s

8.9 Implement the player spawn effect

03m 14s

8.10 Lay out the level

05m 35s

8.11 Add falling triggers

02m 14s

8.12 Add GUI elements

07m 59s

Chapter: Summary

Game Development Essentials II with Unity LiveLessons: Summary

01m 19s